Rules Regarding Political Signs and City Procedures Regarding Complaints

Rules Regarding Political Signs and City Procedures Regarding Complaints

Rules Regarding Political Signs

Improperly placed signs can create safety hazards and interfere with a driver's vision along streets and roadways. City right-of-way also serves the purpose of conducting, transmitting or distributing water, drainage, sanitary sewage, electricity, steam, gas, or electronic communications. To maintain these important services and for the betterment of traffic safety while affording office-seekers the opportunity to inform the public, the following rules govern the placement of signs in the City of Marshall:

Minnesota Statute 211B.045: The City of Marshall follows Minnesota Statute 211B.045 regarding the posting of noncommercial signs during state general election year.

While the City cannot regulate the size or number of signs during this time period, signs are not allowed to be placed in the city right-of-way and residents are reminded to follow the City setbacks and place all signs out of the public right of way (see map for guidance).

Noncommercial Signs Exemption 211B.045: In any municipality, whether or not the municipality has an ordinance that regulates the size or number of noncommercial signs, all noncommercial signs of any size may be posted in any number from forty-six (46) days before the state primary in a state general election year until ten (10) days following the state general election.

Unsure of your property line? For further information, please visit and note the yellow lines that provide reference to your approximate property lines.

**Note: A homeowners association or covenants specific to a development may have additional restrictions on signage.

For more information contact Public Works at 507-537-6773.

Political Sign Placement Example Map



Procedure Regarding Political Sign Placement Complaints

When a complaint is received and the sign is found to be in violation of City Code or state law, the following procedure will apply:

  1. The City Clerk’s office will contact the candidate or responsible party and notify them of the violation.
  2. The candidate or responsible party will have 48 hours to remove the sign or remedy the violation except for during the following:
  • All signs found in violation 48 hours before the primary or general election will be removed by city staff as there will not be enough time to notify the candidate before Election Day.
  • Any sign placed on public property is subject to immediate removal by city staff.
  • There is no limit to the number of signs that may be posted.
  • Signs can only be placed on private property with the owner's permission.
  • Signs cannot be attached to fences, trees, street or traffic signs, utility poles, or like items.
  • Signs cannot be placed on any public property, including but not limited to city parkland or other city properties or buildings, along trails, sidewalks, or public school and county properties.
  • Political signs are not allowed in the public right-of-way/boulevard area. Signs shall be on private property and not less than 10-FT from the nearest edge of the pavement.
  • On Election Day, campaign signs cannot be located within 100 feet of a polling place or anywhere on public property on which a polling place is located.

If political campaign signs are found to be in violation and safety concerns require immediate removal by city staff, the signs will be held by the city for seven days. Political campaign signs placed on private property, without permission of the private property owner, may be disposed of immediately by the private property owner.

Key Dates for 2024:

 Date signs can be placed June 28, 2024

 Date signs must be removed November 15, 2024

 *Unsuccessful candidates are encouraged to remove their signs 10 days after the Primary Election (August 13).