Comprehensive Plan Update

Comprehensive Plan Update

About Marshall’s Comprehensive Plan

Marshall recently updated our Comprehensive Plan, which helps us guide growth and development over the next twenty years. 
Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a guide for our community to help shape our physical, social, and economic growth through 2040. It sets a vision for our city over the next twenty years, and outlines goals and specific action items we can use to achieve these goals.

What does it include?

  1. Land Use Analysis and Plan for Future Development

The land use plan section will include a review of existing land uses using analysis of existing conditions and will explore future land use opportunities throughout the community.

  1. Community Facilities and Services Analysis

The community facilities and services section will review existing community facilities and service provisions throughout the community. The analysis will strive to identify gaps in service and identify recommendations for future investments.

  1. Economic Development Analysis

The economic development section will focus on existing and future economic activities. Analysis will assist the City with identifying opportunities to diversify the economic climate and support local entrepreneurship.

  1. Public Facilities Analysis

The public facilities section will review existing publicly owned facilities (such as libraries, schools, community centers, and parks) within the community. These facilities are locations that the community identifies with and contributes to the overall quality of life. The analysis of this section will explore gaps in facility offerings and locations, serving as an important tool for the update of the land use plan.

  1. Cultural and Environmental Development Factors

The cultural and environmental development factors section will review existing resources and policies throughout the community, and will identify existing and future maintenance, preservation, and restoration efforts.


1996 Comprehensive Plan

Marshall's strong roots and sense of community have helped the City become the prominent regional center in southwestern Minnesota that it is today. At the same time Marshall was establishing itself as a regional center, it has seen the composition of its population change, its buildings grow older, its boundaries become broader, and has had its downtown challenged by highway commercial development on the fringe. The City of Marshall, like all communities, is in a state of continuous change. It is this change and the opportunity that comes with it that make community planning important.

The City of Marshall recognized the importance of citizen involvement and broad participation in its development of this Comprehensive Plan. In preparation of the comprehensive planning process, the City assembled approximately 45 individuals that represented the beginning of the Planning Committee. This involvement came in the form of City leaders, City staff, the Planning Committee, and individuals from the broader community. A detailed account of the comprehensive planning process is included in the Introduction which is included in the attached document.

1996 Comprehensive Plan

City of Marshall 1996 Comprehensive Plan