Minnesota Building Codes

Minnesota Building Codes
The City of Marshall has adopted the Minnesota State Building Code in its entirety and does not have any amendments or additions to the State Code. The City of Marshall has its own City Ordinance but it does not have the City Building Code so the State Building Code is applicable in Marshall in a form adopted by the State of Minnesota. By Law, the State Building Code is applicable statewide, including all rural areas. However, enforcement is limited mostly to the cities even though some counties also enforce the Code. The City of Marshall Building Inspection Department enforces the Building Code within the city limits only. The City of Marshall, Building Department or Building Official does not have authority to change the Code, waive its requirements or issue a variance for its provisions. 

The current 2020 Minnesota State Building Code consists of the following Codes:

  • Minnesota Residential Code (based on 2018 International Residential Code). This Code is applicable to single- and two-family houses and townhouses.
  • Minnesota Building Code (based on 2018 International Building Code). This Code, sometimes called Commercial Building Code, is applicable to all buildings and structures except those built under Residential Code.
  • Minnesota Accessibility Code (based on ICC/ANSI A117.1-2009). This Code is applicable to Commercial construction only. Please note that this Code is different from the Federal Americans with Disability Act (ADA) regulations.
  • Minnesota Conservation Code for Existing Buildings (based on 2018 International Existing Building Code).
  • Minnesota Mechanical and Fuel and Gas Code (based on 2018 International Mechanical Code and 2018 International Fuel and gas Code).
  • Minnesota Energy Code (based on 2018 International Energy Conservation Code). This Code includes radon provisions for residential construction.
  • Minnesota Plumbing Code. https://epubs.iapmo.org/2020/MPC/.
  • Minnesota Electrical Code (enforced by the State of Minnesota). https://www.dli.mn.gov/business/electrical-contractors/electrical-codes-and-standards
  • Minnesota Elevator and Related Devices Code (enforced by the State of Minnesota). https://www.revisor.mn.gov/rules/1307/.
All Minnesota Codes are available for viewing and purchase through the Construction Code and Licensing Division of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry web page https://www.dli.mn.gov/business/codes-and-laws/2020-minnesota-state-building-codes