City Licenses/Permits

City Licenses/Permits

The City of Marshall issues various licenses and permits. The applications listed on this page include the more frequently applied for licenses and permits. This page may not represent a full list of applications available through the City of Marshall. Please contact the City Office's with any questions.

Animal Licenses
Animal Licenses are required for Cats and Dogs but are FREE! Online Animal License Form

Mobile Food License
Permits can be filled out online. Online Mobile Food Unit Permit Application

Approved Food Trucks
Unlisted Food Trucks are not allowed to operate within City Limits and are subject to removal by Marshall PD.
Food Truck Contact Email Website/Facebook
Frankies Hot Dogs Chad & Sarah Kisner
Papa D's Jeff Schommer
Taqueria El Guerrito Valentin Ciriaco
Tacos Coahuila Cindy Pinales
Rolling Hills Pizza Nikas Koch
Midwest Concessions Brenda Krog  
MGLX Food & Drink Kasey Lee

Temporary Food Trucks Authorized Dates
Asian Hut Crazy Days
Adventure Bowl April 7; May 5; June 5; July 26; August 23; September 22; and October 12
Maui Wowi April 6; April 24; May 1; Crazy Days
I Heart Cookies Co. July 10
Momma Maria's Crazy Days
Painted Prairie June 9; August 22
Sweet Kettle Madness Shades of the Past; Sounds of Summer; Crazy Days; Marshall Pride; Relay for Life
The Blender Co. Crazy Days
Famous Cones Crazy Days and 6 other unspecified dates

THC Registration
Businesses wishing to sell low potency THC edibles and seltzers either on-site or off-site are required to register. Online Intoxicating Hemp Product Business  Application
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Document Center

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Alcohol Licenses10 documents

  • Intoxicating Liquor License Application.pdf
    document Header Intoxicating Liquor License Application.pdf
  • On-Sale Wine License Application
    document Header On-Sale Wine License Application

Additional Alcohol Licenses3 documents

  • Consumption & Display
    document Header Consumption & Display
  • Temporary On-Sale 3.2% Malt Liquor License
    document Header Temporary On-Sale 3.2% Malt Liquor License
  • Temporary On-Sale Liquor License
    document Header Temporary On-Sale Liquor License

Animal License1 document

  • Animal Licenses are FREE!
    document Header Animal Licenses are FREE!

Minnesota Lawful Gambling Permit1 document

  • LG220 Application for Exempt Permit
    document Header LG220 Application for Exempt Permit

Mobile Food Unit/ Food Cart1 document

  • Mobile Food Unit/ Food Cart
    document Header Mobile Food Unit/ Food Cart

Refuse Haulers License1 document

  • Refuse Haulers License
    document Header Refuse Haulers License

Special Event Permit1 document

  • Special Event Permit
    document Header Special Event Permit

Special Vehicle Permit1 document

  • Special Vehicle Permit
    document Header Special Vehicle Permit
    A "Consent for the Release of Information" form must be completed for every listed driver.

Taxi Cab License1 document

  • Taxi Cab
    document Header Taxi Cab

Tobacco License1 document

  • Tobacco
    document Header Tobacco

Transient Merchant/Peddlers/Solicitors License1 document

  • Transient Merchant License
    document Header Transient Merchant License

Supporting Documents and Forms5 documents

  • Buyers Card
    document Header Buyers Card
  • Certification of an On-Sale Liquor License, 3.2% Liquor License or Sunday Liquor
    document Header Certification of an On-Sale Liquor License, 3.2% Liquor License or Sunday Liquor
  • Consent for the Release of Information
    document Header Consent for the Release of Information
  • Minnesota Workers' Compensation Form
    document Header Minnesota Workers' Compensation Form
  • SPC1 Form
    document Header SPC1 Form

Helpful Links2 documents

  • Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement
    document Header Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement
  • Marshall, MN - Code of Ordinances
    document Header Marshall, MN - Code of Ordinances