The City of Marshall is glad to announce that starting in May 2022 the new permit application software is available through the City website. Here is a direct link to the application (please note it will take you to a different website). Community Planning department staff spent a lot of time working with the software vendor to customize and improve the program. The new software is internet-based and will guide an applicant through the application process and allow for online payments for all permits. There are also other advantages, such as: the ability to pick a project location from the city map; to view all of your project files, including drawings, inspections, and inspectors’ notes, at any time; to receive notifications every time the approval process moves along; to share information with subcontractors; and many others. Considering extensive scope of the new program and multiple changed that were made, we believe that there may be some glitches, which may be weeded out only during real life use; so we ask you to be patient and help us finalize this great product. If you do not feel comfortable with the change at the moment, you don’t need to switch now: for several months you will have a choice between the old application forms (both PDF and web-based) and the new application, but after a while, when all bugs are found and eliminated, the old forms will be discontinued. If you have any problems using the new software or have other related questions, please call Kurtis at 507-828-0070.

Please see instructions for setting up an account and starting your application at the following link: RtVision Account Registration

The City of Marshall has changed the permit application process. In order to improve customer service and simplify all permit application process, the City of Marshall has now placed all most common permit applications on its website. For each permit type, our website provides two versions: PDF (printable) and electronic (online). Incomplete applications may result in requests for additional information and delayed permits. Please read all instructions carefully before starting. If you have any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or give us a call at (507) 537-6773 and we will be happy to help.

All permit application forms shall be filled out prior to starting any related activity.

Non-building permits, such as excavation, driveway, and sanitary sewer permit applications are also available. However, unlike for building and plumbing permits, the fees for these permits shall be paid online at the time of the application.

At this time, applications for moving houses into town permit, moving on public right-of-way permit, private use of public street permit, variance permit and conditional use permit are not available on-line; please stop by the Engineering Department at 344 West Main Street to fill out those applications. Please contact Marshall Municipal Utilities at (507) 537-7005 for Water Meter Connection permit.