Political Sign Rules

Political Sign Rules

Improperly placed signs can create safety hazards and interfere with a driver's vision along streets and roadways. City right-of-way also serve the purposes of conducting, transmitting or distributing water, drainage, sanitary sewage, electricity, steam, gas, or electronic communications. To maintain these important services and for the betterment of traffic safety while affording office-seekers the opportunity to inform the public, the following rules govern the placement of signs in the City of Marshall:

Minnesota Statute 211B.045: The City of Marshall follows Minnesota Statute 211B.045 regarding the posting of noncommercial signs during state general election year.

While the City cannot regulate the size or number of signs during this time period, signs are not allowed to be placed in the city right-of-way and residents are reminded to follow the City setbacks and place all signs out of the public right of way (see map for guidance).

Noncommercial Signs Exemption 211B.045: In any municipality, whether or not the municipality has an ordinance that regulates the size or number of noncommercial signs, all noncommercial signs of any size may be posted in any number from forty-six (46) days before the state primary in a state general election year until ten (10) days following the state general election.

Unsure of your property line? For further information, please visit https://geomoose.lyonco.org and note the yellow lines that provide reference to your approximate property lines.

**Note: A homeowners association or covenants specific to a development may have additional restrictions on signage.

For more information contact Public Works at 507-537-6773.

Sign Placement Guidance Illustration