Engineering staff solves problems and makes things work more efficiently. Staff oversees the planning and designing of new construction and reconstruction of Marshall's sanitary sewers, water mains, storm drainage systems, streets and sidewalks and other projects to support residents and businesses. They also inspect construction, review and critique new site plans, developments and private improvement projects to ensure consistent application of city codes and standards, which improves neighborhood appearance and provides a heightened sense of livability.

City of Marshall Current Construction Projects in Bidding

City of Marshall 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan (C.I.P.) for years 2021-2030
5-Year Capital Improvement Plan (C.I.P.) Map for years 2021-2025

City of Marshall ADA Transition Plan for Public Sidewalks & City Rights-of-Way - City Council approved on 8/25/2020

Engineering Permits

2019-2020 Sump Pump Application

Engineering Documents