Current Project Status

Current Project Status

Marshall’s New Aquatic Center

Final design plans for a new Marshall Aquatic Center are underway and the city is grateful for the public’s support. Interest in a new aquatic center has been building in Marshall for the last two decades. An assessment of the current facility was conducted in 2018 and a community survey in 2021 concluded support for new water recreational amenities.

The current Aquatic Center has served the Marshall community for over 50 years, with the main pool being in existence since 1938.  The pool provides many things for our community such as a safe place for all ages, an opportunity to learn how to swim, summer employment for young adults, adult swim, water aerobics, and family fun. The current facility has outlived its life expectancy and now needs to be replaced.

Sales Tax Update

The City pursued legislative and voter approval to extend the current half-percent sales tax to fund the new aquatic center. The results of the successful referendum held on November 7, 2023,  were 1,455 voting Yes to 735 voting No. The successful referendum of over 66% will provide $18.3 million in funds through the extension of the sales tax in Marshall. 

Renewal of Sales tax versus Property Tax

Cities have two primary ways to pay for community improvements—sales taxes and property taxes. Here’s how the cost could break down for each funding option:

  • If the projects were funded by sales tax, it would impact individuals 50 cents for 100 dollars they spend on taxable goods and services.
  • If the projects were funded through property taxes, the property tax bill for a median-value home would increase by $230 per year.

The estimated $1.5 million generated each year through a Marshall sales tax will be used to pay for specific capital improvement projects that have a regional impact.  

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