Billboard Signage

Billboard Signage

The City of Marshall recognizes Health Care Workers, Essential Employees, Emergency Responders and Truck Drivers during this unprecedented time. To show appreciation for the hard work and dedication to the health and wellbeing of our community the city has partnered with Visit Marshall on signage for the digital billboards on Highway 23.
“Health Care Workers, Public Safety including Police, Fire Fighters and Emergency Management are essential for the continuity of services we all depend on” said Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes. The Mayor added “Truck Drivers who keep our supply chain operating and all those in the regions’ food production industry are essential and vital in our everyday lives”.
Visit Marshall has graciously sponsored this signage by dedicating their advertising slots on the billboard at the corner of East Main St. and Highway 23. Lamar Advertising has provided free advertising slots as a public service on the billboard at the corner of East College Drive and Highway 23.
“We at Visit Marshall, appreciate everything our Essential workers are doing. This is just our small way that we can say Thank You. During such an uncertain time we just want to spread as much kindness as we can.” said Cassi Weiss with Visit Marshall.
The signage will continue to be displayed on the billboards through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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