Deterring Vandalism at City Parks and Recreation Facilities

Deterring Vandalism at City Parks and Recreation Facilities

Following increased vandalism in city parks over the last two years, the City of Marshall is asking for help in deterring vandalism by encouraging neighbors and residents to be a community partner and serve as an any extra set of eyes and ears to the city. Vandalism is the willful destruction or defacement of public or private property. These incidents cost taxpayers thousands of dollars and take away resources from regularly scheduled maintenance projects in the city’s Parks and Recreation facilities. The city is asking anyone who sees any damage to a city Park and Recreation facility or knows anything about it, to call the Marshall Police Department at 507-537-7000 and report it.

“Vandalism is costly for our city and its residents. It means resources are being spent on unnecessary repair versus important maintenance and upkeep,” said Preston Stensrud, Park and Recreation Superintendent. “We want to reduce and eliminate the damage being done so we can continue to provide high quality parks and facilities that our community expects and deserves.”

In addition to the public’s help, the city is actively ensuring that any vandalism is being monitored through increased use of security cameras. Every city park now has security cameras as well as cameras positioned in locations outside the parks where detection of vandalism can help solve the crime being committed. The Parks Department is also teaming up with the Marshall Police Department to assist with raising awareness about the issue.

“The Marshall Police Department is committed to ensuring our parks remain safe and enjoyable for all members of our community,” stated Jim Marshall, Director of Public Safety. “Recent incidents involving graffiti have highlighted the need for our communities help in deterring crime and holding those accountable for damages done. We encourage everyone to be proactive and help the Police Department by notifying law enforcement if you observe any behaviors that seem out of the ordinary.”

Director Marshall also reminded the community of the city’s ordinance on curfews, Marshall City Ordinance Section 42-87: Curfew for Minors states it is unlawful for any minor person under the age of 16 years to be or loiter upon the streets or public places between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

While there are some exceptions to the curfew ordinance, when enforcing the curfew ordinance, Director Marshall stated the main concern of the Marshall Police Department “is for the safety and welfare of children. Youth who are out during curfew and are not accompanied by a parent or guardian run an increased risk of being victimized or getting involved in illegal behavior such as vandalism, theft, tobacco, alcohol, and drug use.”


To report vandalism or if you believe there is a violation of the curfew ordinance, please contact the Marshall Police Department’s non-emergency line at 507-537-7000. If after hours, please call 911.

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