Andrew Meulebroeck Awarded Employee of the Year

Andrew Meulebroeck Awarded Employee of the Year

City Administrator, Sharon Hanson announced that Lead Maintenance Worker, Andrew Meulebroeck has been named City of Marshall Employee of the Year. The annual award recognizes an outstanding City of Marshall employee who demonstrates creativity, exemplary performance, provides exceptional contributions and models excellent service to the city’s residents.

“Andy is an employee who ensures his work is completed at a high level, cooperates with his fellow co-workers, and is dedicated to the City of Marshall and its airport and public way operations. Andy is a leader and a doer,” said Administrator Hanson.

Meulebroeck started his career with the City of Marshall as a seasonal employee in 2003 and was hired as a Maintenance Worker in 2007. In 2016, he was promoted to Senior Maintenance Worker and in 2019 was further promoted to Lead Maintenance Worker.

Public Ways Superintendent Dean Coudron stated, “Andy goes above and beyond to make sure all job duties are carried out skilfully and efficiently. He takes pride in his work and is willing to do whatever it takes to work as a team leader.”

Meulebroeck plays an essential role in the maintenance of airport equipment, systems, and facilities, but also public ways and right of ways throughout the city. Often, and especially at the airport, this work has meant evenings, weekends, and holidays to ensure airport operations can continue, but most important, operate safely. Meulebroeck’s position also means troubleshooting issues and makes necessary repairs. Yearly he provides mentorship and guidance to new employees and fellow employees with his patience and gentle teaching skills.

“Andy can be counted on to be there for any need at the airport and throughout the city. We value his work, and he is deserving of this award,” said Public Works Director Jason Anderson.

In addition to the day-to-day tasks at the Airport, Meulebroeck also takes care of maintenance at the MERIT Center and ensures that the city is maintaining the Army Corps of Engineers Flood Control Project to specifications, two vital public infrastructure projects for the city of Marshall.

Congratulations Andrew Meulebroeck, City of Marshall 2023 Employee of the Year.

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