Airport Safety Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Airport Safety Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Notice is hereby given that a hearing will be held before the Marshall-Lyon County Joint Airport Zoning Board for the purpose of considering the adoption of an Airport Safety Zoning Ordinance in the area of the Southwest Minnesota Regional Airport. This zoning ordinance repeals and replaces the existing ordinance.

A public hearing to consider the adoption of this Ordinance will be held on the 5th day of September, 2023 at 5:00 P.M. at the Marshall City Hall. The proposed Ordinance and the accompanying maps are available for public inspection at Marshall City Hall during regular business hours, and online at

The property affected by the proposed Airport Safety Zoning Ordinance is some, but not all, of the land lying within 14,000 feet of the airport's runways. Airspace restrictions would also affect properties up to 50,200 feet to the southeast and northwest of the airport within the limits of the primary runway approaches. The types of restrictions proposed for each area are set forth in detail in the proposed Ordinance and maps. Affected jurisdictions include portions of the Cities of Marshall, Ghent and Minneota, as well as Amiret, Clifton, Eidsvold, Fairview, Grandview, Lake Marshall, Lynd, Nordland and Westerheim Townships in Lyon County.

The precise restrictions that would be imposed vary depending on the location of the property. The restrictions generally regulate height of structures, the location or size, and use of buildings, and the density of population. The most restrictive provisions would apply to the areas located in a trapezoidal area off the end of each runway, which area extends out from the end of the runway a distance equal to the length of the runway plus two hundred feet.

Persons who believe that they may be affected by the proposed Ordinance are encouraged to review it and ascertain the specific impact that it would have on their property.

Date: August 1, 2023                     By: Marshall-Lyon Joint Airport Zoning Board

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These above documents are also available for public inspection at City Hall located at 344 West Main Street.