Water Softener Rebate Program

Water Softener Rebate Program

Welcome to the City of Marshall’s Water Softener Optimization & Replacement Program website. We are happy you are interested in learning more about and possibly participating in the program. Your participation will help the City of Marshall meet its salt/chloride reduction goals while saving you money and protecting the Redwood River and the critters that live in the river.


The City of Marshall’s Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) is required by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to reduce the discharge of chlorides into the Redwood River by 2024. A large portion of chloride discharge comes from water softener salt that is sent into the sanitary sewer collection system which flows to the WWTF and is discharged into the Redwood River. Since chlorides cannot be removed through conventional mechanical treatment systems, the City of Marshall and Marshall Municipal Utilities (MMU) worked together and upgraded MMU’s Water Treatment Plant to produce a softer water to help attain compliance with the required limits set by the MPCA.  As of June 1, 2021, MMU has been delivering water at eight (8) grains hardness compared to thirty-five (35) grains hardness previously. This project alone will not meet MPCA State Standards. Your water softener must be adjusted to the new hardness.

Free Optimization (Setting Adjustment) Program

In addition to adjusting hardness, water softener salt use can be reduced by adjusting the salt dose and some additional settings. It can be difficult to figure out how to do these adjustments yourself, so we are making it easy. With funding from the Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund, the city is offering a free setting adjustment (known as optimization) for residents and commercial facilities. Water softener optimization will result in less salt and cost savings for you, and lower discharge of chlorides to the sanitary sewer system.

Water Softener Rebate Program

The City of Marshall has $100,000 to use to provide free optimizations and water softener replacement and modification rebates. Up to $700 rebates are available to residents for upgrading old and inefficient water softeners, time clock-based, or with a rated salt efficiency < 3350gr/lb. salt, to more efficient water softeners or salt-free water conditioners. Commercial facilities are eligible for up to $4,000 to replace these softeners or to modify softeners to recycle salt brine or add a blending valve. Check the eligibility requirements on the rebate application form to see if you can apply.

Do-it-yourself rebates of $500 are available for homeowners.
Rebates of $500 for removing but not replacing your water softener are available for both commercial and residential applicants.

Sign up for an optimization and/or potential rebate by contacting a city approved contractor as listed on this website.

Rebate applications are due no later than 4/30/24.  Funds are subject to availability.  Check rebate website to make sure funds are still available.

Here is what you can find on this site:

  1. List of approved contractors that you can contact to have your water softener optimized for low salt use (adjust settings such as hardness and salt dose). The contractor can also determine if your softener is a timer-based one that is eligible for a replacement rebate.
  2. Rebate application for water softener replacement- download form with instructions or complete online application
  3. FAQs: questions you may have about water softening and the program
  4. How to tell if my water softener is time clock-based (these are eligible for replacement)
  5. Information about non-salt alternatives to water softeners
  6. Additional resources on water softeners and reducing salt
  7. Why participate?
  8. Funding countdown: There is $50,000 in rebate dollars left to use. 
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To fill out your water softener rebate application online, please click the proper link below.

Residential Water Softener Rebate Application - Online Form
Commercial Water Softener Rebate Application - Online Form

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Programa de Reembolso de Descalcificadores de Agua

Para mas informacion en español porfavor de ablar al 507-537-6776.

To view the application instructions or fill out the paper application, click the proper link below.

Residential Water Softener Rebate Application & Instructions Commercial Water Softener Rebate Application & Instructions
Marshall Chloride Reduction Flyer - Residential Marshall Chloride Reduction Flyer - Commerical

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