Chemical Assessment Team (CAT)

Chemical Assessment Team (CAT)
Mailing Address:
344 West Main Street
Marshall, MN 56258

PASTThe Minnesota Chemical Assessment Teams were formed in 1995 to provide for hazardous materials or "HazMat" responses. They existed primarily by funds the State received from their hazmat sites. The CAT's have highly trained response personnel able to give technical advice for monitoring chemicals to assist the local first responders when hazardous materials events occur. Most teams are part of larger Fire Departments throughout Minnesota. In 2002, the City of Marshall received funding from Homeland Security Emergency Management (HSEM) to establish a CAT in Southwest Minnesota.

PRESENTThe Southwest Minnesota Chemical Assessment Team (CAT) is part of the Marshall Public Safety Division in collaboration with HSEM. Our team is unique in that we are not a fire department like most other Chemical Assesment Teams. Our CAT members have full-time jobs, but are able to leave their jobs when needed to respond for the team. Team members receive significant hazmat training and have equipment available for a hazardous materials response. Local business and industry help finance the team.

CATterritoryWhat is the primary area?The primary area is the entire Minnesota counties of Yellow Medicine, Lincoln, Lyon, Redwood, Pipestone, Murray, Cottonwood, Rock, Nobles and Jackson.
Our CAT is able to respond anywhere as needed within the City of Marshall. When deployed outside of the City of Marshall the team is either training or responding as State of MN employees. The team response is at no cost to local jurisdictions, but there is usually a cost to the responsible hazardous materials release party.

What are the benefits of the team?
  • Provide technical advice.
  • Share expensive equipment with others.
  • Recommend mitigation actions necessary to protect life, property and the environment.
catmembersHow is the team dispatched?Local emergency responders request the CAT via MN State Duty Officer
24 Hours a day 1-800-422-0798

Additional information contact:Jim Marshall at 507-537-7000