Cultivating Collaboration

Cultivating Collaboration

Brau Brothers Brewery recently announced the release of its newest Pale Ale, Cultivate.


The beer is a nod to the city’s new branding “Cultivating the Best in Us” which was unveiled in February of 2020. “We are pleased with how our community has embraced our new branding and this collaboration is a great example of that,” Mayor Bob Byrnes said. “Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to find ways to support each other, rally together, and demonstrate our resilience.” 

Developed in collaboration with the City of Marshall, the “old-school” pale ale features Centennial and Cascade Hops, Classic Pale Malt, and a clean fermenting traditional yeast.

As the first official collaboration for Brau Brothers owner, Dustin Brau says Cultivate Pale Ale was his opportunity to show his appreciation. “After all the City has done to help us in our progression, we wanted to use this opportunity to say, “thank you”. Not only to the City of Marshall but to the community for all the support over the years, particularly this year.”

Since its release in early 2020, the Marshall brand continues to be implemented throughout the community, with the Brau Brothers’ beer as one of many places it can now be found.

“This is a great demonstration of Brau Brothers’ commitment to our community and their support for the new Marshall brand,” Branding Committee Chairperson Glenn Bader said. “We are starting to see the brand in more places every day and it’s exciting to see how the community and our businesses are embracing it.”

Cultivate Pale Ale is currently on tap and available in Crowlers at Brau Brothers Tap House.

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