City Ordinances Related to Seasonal Issues

City Ordinances Related to Seasonal Issues

The City of Marshall would like to remind you of several City Ordinances related to seasonal issues:


Air Pollution Control:

Sec. 30-1:        It is unlawful for any person to burn or permit burning of any grass, weeds, leaves, rubbish or other substance upon premises owned or occupied by him, except as other wise provided by this code.


Grading and Maintaining of Subdivided Lots:

Sec. 30-2:        The owner, occupant or tenant of a lot that has been platted and subdivided within the city shall not:

  1. Allow rubbish or construction materials to be deposited or left upon such vacant subdivided and platted lot, when there is no immediate construction in progress.
  2. Allow dirt, fill or clay to be deposited or left upon such lot in such a manner that it would cause ponding of water, or could not be moved.
  3. Allow erosion and/or deposition of sediments within natural or manmade drainage courses.
  4. Allow violation of any portion of the requirements of Section 30 – 45 including: Site Dewatering, Waste and Material Disposal, Tracking, Drain Inlet Protection, and Site Erosion Control.


Lawn Fertilizer Regulations:

Sec. 30-26:      It is unlawful to deposit your grass clippings, leaves or other vegetative materials on city streets, stormwater drainage systems, natural drainageways, or within wetland buffer areas.  The City of Marshall has a compost site available to the public located on North 7th Street next to the ADM Corn Plant.  Except for the first growing season for newly established turf areas, no person shall apply fertilizer which contains phosphorus to lawn or other vegetated areas.  This is a Minnesota State Law.


Surface Water Management Plan:

Sec. 30-41:      Every applicant for a building permit, subdivision approval or a permit to allow land disturbing activities must submit a surface water management plan to the city engineering department.  No building permit, subdivision approval or permit to allow land disturbing activates shall be issued until approval of the surface water management plan or a waiver of the approval requirement has been obtained in strict conformance with the provisions of this article.


Illicit Connections:

Sec. 30-46:      This ordinance establishes methods for controlling the introduction of pollutants into the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) in order to comply with requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit process.

No person shall throw, drain, or otherwise discharge, cause, or allow others under its control to throw, drain, or otherwise discharge into the MS4 any pollutants or waters containing any pollutants, other than storm water.

The Public Works Department shall be permitted to enter and inspect facilities subject to regulation under this ordinance as often as may be necessary to determine compliance with this ordinance.


Construction and Reconstruction of Roadway Surfacing, Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter:

Sec. 62-3:        It is a misdemeanor to construct a sidewalk, curb, gutter, driveway, or roadway surfacing in any street or other public property in the city without a permit in writing from the city administrator.  Application for such permit shall be made on forms approved and provided by the city and shall sufficiently describe the contemplated improvements, the date of beginning work and the length of time required to complete the work.  All construction improvements shall be strictly in accordance with specifications and standards on file in the office of the city engineer.  The city engineer shall inspect such improvements as deemed necessary or advisable.  Any work not done according to applicable specifications and standards shall be removed and corrected at the expense of the permit holder.


Sidewalk Maintenance and Repair:

Sec. 62-5:        It is the primary responsibility of the owner of property upon which there is abutting any sidewalk to keep in place and maintain such sidewalk in safe and serviceable condition.  All construction, reconstruction, or repair of sidewalks shall be done in strict accordance with specifications on file in the office of the city engineer.  If the owner of the abutting property fails to make repairs or accomplish reconstruction as required in this section, the city engineer shall report such failure to the council, and the council may order such work to be done under its direction and the cost of the work assessed to the abutting property owner as any other special assessment.


Please contact the Public Works Department at 507-537-6773 for more information on any of the City Ordinances related to seasonal issues.