New City Website

New City Website

The City of Marshall has officially launched a new version of, the City’s official website, in collaboration with Revize Software Systems.

The City’s website had nearly 200,000 views in 2019 and serves as a valuable communication tool for the community.

“One of our strategic goals areas is to provide increased communication with our residents,” City Administrator Sharon Hanson said. “We understand that the City’s website is a vital platform for that communication and in order to increase functionality, an upgrade was needed.”

The new site was designed for a more user and mobile friendly experience pulling together many of the City’s entities into one seamless platform including the Adult Community Center, Tall Grass Liquor, the MERIT Center and Studio 1 TV.

The site features an accessible navigation center and a popular links section to help direct visitors to desired content and reduce search times.

This site also allows for continuous updates to respond to the needs of the community as it grows and evolves. “We understand how relevant digital communication is to our residents especially during the current pandemic,” added Mayor Bob Byrnes. “We will adapt our site accordingly, continue to invest in resident accessible technology and respond to the needs of the community,” Byrnes said.

The new design coincides with the City’s recent rebranding efforts and highlights some of the community’s greatest assets.

City of Marshall Media Communication Specialist Alex Peterson emphasized that it is important for users of the new website to clear their browser history (known as cache) in order for your computer or mobile device to download the newest version. Another method to overcome this issue is to manually type in in your browser and hit enter. If your browser adds a /main at the end, please delete that part so it is only