Snow Removal Equipment Facility

Snow Removal Equipment Facility


Project Location:         Southwest MN Regional Airport [MML]

Project Name:              Marshall Snow Removal Equipment [SRE] Facility

QuestCDN No.             8408511

FAA AIP/SP Nos.         3-27-0056-020-2023 / A4201-107

TKDA Project No.        18338.001

Bids Close:                  Monday April 3, 2023 at 11am [CST]


Electronic Bid Submission for the project listed above will be received by the City of Marshall, a public corporation, via QuestCDN ( until the official time and date as displayed in QuestCDN vBid.

Project provides for construction of a new 7,500 SF Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) Facility at the Southwest Minnesota Regional Airport [MML] for the City of Marshall, Minnesota. The SRE Facility will consist of 3 vehicle bays, and administrative area including office space, breakroom, restrooms, a utility area and a mezzanine. In addition to the building, the project calls for site improvements including pavement and curb and gutter for parking and SRE vehicle circulation, new site utilities, and related mechanical, electrical, and technology work, as well as subgrade stormwater management, finish grading, and landscaping. Approximate quantities of major items of work are as follows:

Item Qty Unit
SRE Facility Building 1 LS
Plant Mixed Asphalt Pavement 1,120 TN
Aggregate Base 1,100 CY
Concrete Curb & Gutter 1,800 LF
Common Excavation 5,800 CY
Watermain 150 LF
Sanitary Sewer 44 LF
Storm Sewer 330 LF


Bids shall be submitted using QuestCDN. No other alternate formats will be accepted.

Consistent with Minnesota Statute, Section 473.144, City of Marshall may not accept a bid or proposal for a contract or execute a contract in excess of $100,000 with any business unless said business is in compliance with certain requirements concerning affirmative action plans. Evidence of compliance must be submitted within two (2) City business days following the opening of bids. Bids will be considered non-responsive if compliance requirements are not met. Compliance requirements are outlined in specification.



Refer to Contract and Labor Provisions in the specifications for requirements.



The goal of the City of Marshall for the utilization of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) on this project is 2.3%. Within (2) two City business days following the bid opening, all bidders who wish to remain in competition for the contract will be required to submit the following information as referenced in the Information for Bidders. Bidders will be prohibited from entering into agreements with a DBE in which the DBE promises not to provide subcontracting quotations to other bidders. Bidder failure to show a good faith effort to achieve specified contract goal for participation of DBEs in completion of this project will be grounds for finding the bid non-responsive.



  1. Bidder attention is called to "Equal Opportunity Clause" and “Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Specifications” set forth herein.
  2. Goals and timetables for minority and female participation, expressed in percentage terms for Contractor aggregate workforce in each trade on all construction work in covered area are as follows:


Federal Requirements:  0.8%

Federal Requirements:  6.9%

State Requirements:  15.0%

State Requirements:  9.0%

  • These goals are applicable to all contractors’ construction work (whether or not it is Federal or Federally assisted) performed in the covered area. If the contractor performs construction work in a geographical area located outside of the covered area, it shall apply the goals established for such geographical area where the work is actually performed. With regard to this second area, the contractor also is subject to the goals for both its Federally involved and non-federally involved construction.

    Contractor compliance with the executive order and the regulations in 41 CFR Part 60-4 and Minnesota Statutes Section 473.144 and Minnesota Rules, Part 5000.3520 shall be based on its implementation of the Equal Opportunity Clause, specific affirmative action obligations required by the specifications set forth in 41 CFR 60-4.3 (a) and Minnesota Rules, Part 5000.3540, and its efforts to meet the goals. Hours of minority and female employment and training must be substantially uniform throughout the length of the contract, and in each trade, and the contractor shall make a good faith effort to employ minorities and women evenly on each of its projects. The transfer of minority or female employees or trainees from contractor to contractor or from project to project for sole purpose of meeting Contractor goals shall be a violation of the contract, the executive order, the regulations in 41 CFR Part 60-4, Minnesota Statutes Section 473.144 and Minnesota Rules, Part 5000.3520. Compliance with the goals will be measured against the total work hours performed.

  1. Contractor shall provide written notification to the Director, OFCCP, and the Compliance Division of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, within ten (10) working days of award of any construction subcontract (in excess of $10,000 for OFCCP reporting) at any tier for construction work under the contract resulting from the solicitation. Notification must list name, address and telephone number of subcontractor, employer identification number, estimated dollar amount of subcontract, estimated starting & completion dates of subcontract; and geographical area in which contract is to be performed.
  2. As used in this notice, and in the contract resulting from this solicitation, "covered area" is Lyon County.



Each bid shall be accompanied by a "Bid-Security" in the form of a certified check made payable to the City of Marshall in the amount of not less than five percent (5%) of total bid, or a surety bond in the same amount, payable to the City of Marshall, with the surety company thereon duly authorized to do business in the State of Minnesota. Such Bid Security to be a guarantee that the bidder will not, without the consent of the City of Marshall, withdraw its bid for a period of (120) days after the opening of bids, and, if awarded the Contract, will enter into a contract with the City of Marshall, and in connection therewith, give Payment and Performance Bonds as required by law and on forms furnished to the Contractor by the City of Marshall. In the event the Bidder fails to enter into a Contract, the amount of the certified check will be retained or the bond enforced by the City of Marshall.

Bid Security of the three (3) lowest bidders will be retained until the contract is executed, but in no event longer than (120) days, provided that the Bid Security of the lowest responsible bidder shall be retained in any event until contract is executed and Payment & Performance Bonds furnished as herein provided.

Bid of the lowest responsible bidder will be accepted on or before the expiration of (120) days after the date of the opening of bids. The City of Marshall, however, reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any minor irregularities, informalities or discrepancies.



Plans and specifications are on file for inspection at the office of the City Engineer, Marshall City Hall, 344 West Main Street, Marshall, MN, 56258.

Digital copies of the drawings and specifications are available at Documents may be downloaded for a non-refundable fee of $22.00 by entering Quest Project No.8408511 on the Project Search page. Please contact QuestCDN at 952.233.1632 or for assistance and free membership registration. Hard (paper) copies will not be made available to Bidders. Bid documents for this project may be viewed at no cost on QuestCDN.

For this project, bids will ONLY be received electronically. Contractors submitting an electronic bid will be charged an additional $42.00, or other fee as determined by QuestCDN, at the time of bid submission via the online electronic bid service QuestCDN vBid online.

Dated at City Marshall, Minnesota February 28, 2023

By: Jason Anderson, Director of Public Works/City Engineer