Reminder of City Ordinances Realted to Seasonal Issues

Reminder of City Ordinances Realted to Seasonal Issues

The City of Marshall would like to remind you of several City Ordinances related to seasonal issues:


Sec. 30-26:      It is unlawful to deposit your grass clippings, leaves or other vegetative materials on city, streets, stormwater drainage systems, natural drainageways, or within wetland buffer areas.  The City of Marshall has a compost site available to the public located on North 7th Street next to the ADM Corn Plant.


Sec. 78-74:      It is unlawful to connect rain spouts, surface drains, foundation drains or sump pump discharges into any sanitary sewer unless a permit is granted.  The City of Marshall has a permit program for the temporary (seasonal November 1 to April 1) connection of sump pumps to the sanitary sewer. 


Sec. 62-2:        All snow and ice on public sidewalks shall be removed by the owner or tenant of the abutting private property within 12 hours after such snow and ice has stopped accumulating.  It is unlawful for any person, not acting under a specific contract with the City, to remove snow from private property or alleys and place snow on a public street or walk.  Please remove snow in such a manner that it does not cause a hazard to travel on public streets or walks.


Sec. 74-122:    Snow emergency.  After or during the fall of snow on any day between November 1 and April 1, a designated official is authorized to declare in writing a snow removal emergency which shall be announced by radio broadcast as soon as possible on the local radio stations.  Thereafter, at 12:01 p.m. following such broadcast, all vehicles shall be removed from city streets or streets in the city so designated in declaration.  Such snow removal emergency shall end at the expiration of a 48-hour period unless the emergency shall be renewed and be announced by a designated official.


Sec. 74-130:    Snow emergency routes, winter parking regulations and other parking regulations between November 1 and April 1.  The public is asked to familiarize themselves of the local seasonal parking restrictions as designated by the city council and marked by posted signs.  A list of the parking restrictions and/or a map is available at the Public Works Department in the Municipal Building, 344 West Main Street. 


Please contact the Public Works Department at 507-537-6773 for more information on any of the City Ordinances related to seasonal issues.