Marshall's Need for an Aquatic Center

Marshall's Need for an Aquatic Center


Why is an aquatic center important for our community?
A community aquatic center is beneficial because it is an attraction to perspective community members, promotes interaction and connection with children and families, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. In addition, swimming pools also increase safety in the community because swimming is not just exercise, it is a life-saving skill.

Why is Marshall considering a new aquatic center?
The structures of both the lap/general use-pool and diving pool have significant cracking and structural deterioration at the gutter joint, internal expansion joints, and wall to floor interface. Water intrusion is evident by the delamination of the concrete surface and associated tile and plaster finishes at these locations. City staff has documented that the lap/general-use pool and diving pool are currently losing water due to leaks at a rate of 12,000 to 15,000 gallons per day (1,080,000 to 1,350,000 gallons per summer based on a three-month use period). This is an extreme amount of water loss for a pool vessel.
The existing bath house and concessions building suffers from many conditions typical of a building more than 50 years old. It has numerous code compliance issues and many of the building components are inadequate, function poorly or are decayed beyond reasonable repair. The building also has numerous issues in how it serves the users and presents itself to the public. Many areas of the building do not meet the American with Disabilities Act.
The mechanical and electrical systems have deteriorated and are in need of repair. Water line breaks are common and waste lines are failing. There is a significant problem of sewer gas entering the shower area of the building and staff have made a makeshift repair that needs replacement. The staff has had to make many repairs to the plumbing systems and these repairs are exposed and add to the poor appearance of the building. Exhaust fans are old and inadequate and provide poor ventilation within spaces. Electrical systems are original.


Is there support for a new aquatic center?
Yes, based on results of a community survey, when respondents were asked an open-ended question to identify additional recreation amenities and programs that the city could offer, the most common responses were related to swimming pools and water parks. The former topic covered responses related specifically to swimming pools and swimming lessons, while the “water park” topic included references to things like splash pads, water slides, and other water features outside of swimming pools. Furthermore, over 90% of survey respondents reinforced the notion that parks are an essential component for quality of life and attracting individuals to live in and visit the Marshall community.

What will the new aquatic center consist of?
Concepts for the new aquatic center building program was developed with input from city staff and stakeholders. Participants expressed their desire for items such as increased opportunities for younger children, new amenities, an improved bath house, a concessions area in view of the pool area, a splash pad, and more shade. The building program includes aquatic elements that can accommodate a wide age range and program spaces (changing rooms, concessions, and additional parking) that better serve patrons and staff.


How much will the new aquatic center cost and how will the city pay for a new aquatic center?
A key part of the community survey was garnering public input regarding different funding options the City of Marshall is exploring to help pay for current or new amenities. The community’s reaction to an extension of the current sales tax was generally good, with a 74% positive response rate. The city is requesting a sales tax extension - it does not raise taxes. If the sales tax extension fails, a property levy increase would mean a 19% increase in the levy.
The question of whether to fund the construction of a new aquatic center would be placed on a general election ballot question and the voters of Marshall would be able to vote on the approval of the extension of the sales tax to pay for the new aquatic center.
The aquatic center proposed cost estimated in late 2021 is approximately $14 million. Costs include not only pool construction, but site development, building construction for operation and maintenance, equipment for operation and project fees.

Will the old pool be open while the new pool is under construction?
Yes! We do not anticipate on having to close the old pool until the new pool is open for use by the public as the city is working with CJ Foods on acquiring property on West College Drive, near the intersection of Saratoga and West College Drive.

What will happen to the old pool?
Once construction of the new aquatic center is complete, the old pool will be demolished to accommodate future park maintenance operations.

What is the status of the project?
With key support from our local legislators, Senator Dahms and Representative Swedzinski have put forth special legislation that would enable Marshall to extend the current sales tax at the current rate of 0.5% equaling 50 cents for every $100 dollars spent on sales taxable items. Unfortunately, the Legislature adjourned in May of 2022 without passing a tax bill that would have included Marshall’s special sales tax legislation. This means that Marshall will need to delay the construction of a new aquatic center until the Legislature passes a tax bill in the future to
secure sales tax revenue.

How can I get involved?
If people are interested and realize the value of having an aquatic center in the community, the city encourages and welcomes them to get involved. One such way will be a formation of a community led aquatic center support committee following further advancement of the project. You can contact Community Services at 507-537-6767 to volunteer.

Where can I get more information?
Visit the City of Marshall's website at or call Community Services at 507-537-6767.

The original 1937-38 constructed Marshall Pool. The Main Pool is still in use today. The current 1969 reconstructed facility is showing its age and has numerous deficiencies in code compliance, operations, customer experience and maintenance costs.

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