Indoor Recreation & City/YMCA Partnership Feasibility Study

Indoor Recreation & City/YMCA Partnership Feasibility Study


The City of Marshall MN and the Marshall Area YMCA are seeking a consulting firm to conduct a feasibility of an indoor recreation facility and conduct a feasibility study evaluating future operation options for the existing Marshall Area YMCA, currently owned by the Marshall Area YMCA.

The study should include a comprehensive needs assessment of current and future indoor recreation needs of our residents, and an analysis of the feasibility of constructing and operating an indoor recreation facility and maintaining the Marshall Area YMCA as a viable facility for future years.


The City of Marshall is located in Lyon County, Minnesota, and is home to approximately 14,000 residents. Marshall is a regional center in southwest Minnesota, and is the hub for medical care, retail, trade, education, employment, and business. The diverse economic base and strong foundation in agriculture has provided stability to the local economy. Recent studies illustrate a common labor and retail draw of approximately sixty (60) miles. Marshall’s current population of 13,680 doubles its daytime population to 25,000+ according to employment estimates.

The city of Marshall and the Marshall Area YMCA is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP). Both parties seek to retain the services of a consultant firm, or firms working in partnership, to carry out a comprehensive recreation and facility needs assessment. This effort will require close coordination with the city, the YMCA and other partners who have community recreation needs such as Marshall Public Schools and Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU).


The City of Marshall in January of 2022 approved a resolution requesting sales tax authorization for an aquatic center and an indoor recreation facility. Since that time, current proposed legislation does not include an indoor recreation facility due the sentiment that additional information would be needed to garner legislature and public support.

Recently the city received a request from the Marshall Area YMCA to study financial viability and future recreation needs as a community and YMCA. In MN and nationwide, YMCAs and the communities in which they are located have explored or have existing arrangements with cities.

The Marshall YMCA had also initiated a capital campaign to raise $5 million for renovations to the existing multipurpose and fitness spaces. Due to COVID pandemic membership numbers have declined, and interest in pursuing a capital campaign has waned. The declining membership numbers also have meant declining revenues for the Marshall Area YMCA. In late 2020 and again in early 2022, the Marshall Area YMCA Board has approached the City of Marshall and formally requested that the city study the feasibility of the city of Marshall cooperating with the Marshall Area YMCA in the areas of recreation and other related programming as well as capital needs.


Evaluate Current Indoor Programming and Facilities:

  1. An overview of YMCA and City offerings and standards
  2. Gather readily available government demographic data
  3. Indoor Asset inventory and analysis
  4. Indoor Facility inventory and analysis
  5. Indoor Program inventory and analysis
  6. Inventory of facilities and indoor programs offered by other government and private organizations

Task Deliverables: A complete inventory and level of service analysis of current indoor programming and facility use.

Determine Current and Future Indoor Recreation and Facility Needs of the Community:

  1. Perform Stakeholder/User Group Interviews with existing sports organizations, the Marshall Area YMCA, Marshall Public Schools and SMSU.
  2. Review and evaluate industry standards and trends


Task Deliverables: The consultant shall prepare summary reports and supporting data for all activities. These summary reports should include photographs, electronic searchable inventory of outreach materials and input provided at all meetings.

Perform a Gap Analysis

  1. Identify staffing requirements and budget necessary to fulfill current and future needs
  2. Identify program changes necessary to fulfill current and future needs
  3. Identify operational requirements necessary to fulfill current and future needs
  4. Identify facility requirements necessary to fulfill current and future needs


Task Deliverables: Develop a summary report that summarizes all needs identified within the community

Identify Solutions to Meet the Recreation Needs of the Community

  1. Identify staffing requirements and budget necessary to fulfil needs
  2. Identify program changes necessary to fulfill needs
  3. Identify operational requirements necessary to fulfill needs
  4. Identify facility requirements necessary to fulfill needs


Task Deliverables: Develop a summary report, priority list with anticipated cost, and other visual aids that identify projects and programs that will meet current and future needs of the community.

Final Report and Presentation

  1. The consultant shall prepare a final report and present their findings jointly to the Marshall Area YMCA Board of Directors and the Marshall City Council


Task Deliverables: The consultant shall submit one digital reproducible final report on a USB thumb drive, 16 hard copies of the final report, and all of the supporting data. In addition, the consultant will present the final report with a PowerPoint presentation and any other visual aids to the District Board.


Marshall Area YMCA and City staff intends to work closely with the selected consultant

throughout this process to refine the scope of work as is appropriate to complete the objectives

of the assessment.


In their Statement of Qualifications, consultants must demonstrate an understanding of the business of recreation, the importance of strategic goals, and the ability to develop a business plan and determine the best options for the city. Consultants must demonstrate a solid understanding of what types of programs are typically funded by a dedicated city recreation budget. Consultant should provide details on the approach and methodology it proposes for the scope of work detailed in this Request for


 Consultant should include the organization of project personnel and any assistance needed from outside sources.


Provide a general description of the range of relevant activities performed by your firm. Details should provide the following:

  • Experience with recreation-related public surveys and public outreach
  • Experience in benchmarking against other successful, financially sustainable recreation programs
  • Demonstrated knowledge of funding tools available to city recreation programs (i.e., special district and/or general fund, etc.)
  • Experience in evaluating and establishing recreation programs
  • Experience in recreation program management
  • Experience in demonstrating how recreation can support economic development and be incorporated into overall City planning.

Evaluation Criteria

The city will take into account any matters it considers appropriate in selecting the most qualified consultant. Evaluation criteria will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • The consultant’s understanding of the assignment
  • The consultant’s proposed methodology
  • The consultant’s experience and past performance with similar projects
  • Adequacy of project personnel in number, availability, professional and academic qualifications and experience to perform the proposed work and to provide the proposed services
  • The quality of written documents submitted
  • References (provide a minimum of three references)

Evaluation Process

The city will use the following procedure to select a consultant from among the responders to this RFP:

  • Select the most highly qualified consultant as determined by the evaluation criteria.
  • Select the next most highly qualified consultant and attempt to negotiate fair and reasonable terms, conditions, and cost with that consultant.
  • The City shall continue this process until a consultant is selected for award.
  • The City may also choose not to proceed with or to utilize other means to complete the project, if reasonable terms cannot be negotiated with the interested consultants.


RFP Approved: May 24, 2022

Proposals Due: June 30, 2022

RFP Consideration by Council: July 26, 2022


One original and 2 additional copies


Secure all copies in a sealed envelope entitled:

                                                                                  Request for Proposals

                                              RFP INDOOR RECREATION AND CITY/YMCA PARTNERSHIP STUDY


Include 1 electronic copy of document in a pdf format. The entire submittal package must be received by or before the time and date indicated above.

Time and date deadlines for submittal will not be waived; however, the City reserves the right to extend the submittal deadline.

The City reserves the right to cancel this Request for Qualifications at any time. The City reserves the right to waive minor informalities or discrepancies contained in any proposal.



Questions should be directed to:

 Sharon Hanson, City Administrator