City of Marshall Survey Results

City of Marshall Survey Results

City of Marshall Survey Results Indicate High Support for Additional Park and Recreation Facilities

To assist with future planning opportunities, the City of Marshall hired Baker Tilly to perform a scientific random-sample survey of the City’s registered voters. The intent was to gauge the community’s support for a variety of potential improvements to the City’s parks and recreations facilities and to measure reaction to possible methods for paying the cost of such enhancements.


A telephone survey was conducted by the firm in early October this year. The survey included a random sample of 303 registered voters living within the boundaries of the City of Marshall. Interviews consisted of 33 questions, with an average duration of approximately 12 minutes. The scientific random-sample phone survey was chosen to ensure the City heard input from residents across all demographics in the community.


“We are very pleased with the results and input gathered through this survey,” said Preston Stensrud, Parks Superintendent. “The results showcase the value our community sees in improving our City’s park and recreation facilities, which in return helps Marshall remain a thriving city.”


Based on the survey results, the top amenities the community would support include trail expansion, an indoor play area, outdoor ice sheet, and baseball/softball lighting. When presented in the survey, each of these features saw support above 70% by respondents. Additionally, respondents displayed endorsement for a partnership with the YMCA for added senior citizen programs and constructing a family entertainment spot such as a bowling facility.


Also, when asked an open-ended question to identify additional recreation amenities and programs that the City could offer, the most common responses were related to swimming pools and water parks. The former topic covered responses related specifically to swimming pools and swimming lessons, while the “water park” topic included references to things like splash pads, water slides, and other water features outside of swimming pools.


“The City wants to focus our efforts in areas that the public supports. A key part of the survey was garnering public input regarding different funding options the City of Marshall is exploring to help pay for current or new amenities,” stated Sharon Hanson, City Administrator. “The community’s reaction to an extension of the current sales tax was generally good, with a 74% positive response rate.” 


Furthermore, over 90% of survey respondents reinforced the notion that parks are an essential component for quality of life and attracting individuals to live in and visit the Marshall community.


A complete report of the 2021 community survey is available by request. For questions regarding the survey, please contact Sharon Hanson at or 507-537-6761.