City of Marshall Time Capsule Placed at City Hall

City of Marshall Time Capsule Placed at City Hall

Councilmembers along with city staff placed the sealed contents of the capsule Tuesday evening

On Tuesday, November 23rd, prior to the City Council meeting, Mayor Bob Byrnes, Councilmembers, and staff placed a new time capsule to commemorate the renovation and construction of the new City Hall. A time capsule was put into place following the construction of the 1964 Municipal Building and unearthed as construction for the new City Hall began in early 2020.

The new time capsule will give future Marshall residents a good idea about events that were occurring in 2020 and 2021—the time period when City Hall was being constructed and completed. The contents of the new time capsule include photographs and newspapers related to City Hall construction, but also items related to significant events such as the COVID pandemic as well as the newspaper noting the drafting of Marshall native Trey Lance into the NFL. Other information and memorabilia related to the City Hall construction project was also included but will not be revealed to add suspense and mystery for when the time capsule is opened by future residents in the distant future.

Sealing of the stainless-steel capsule was completed by Maintenance Supervisor Dean Coudron on Monday, November 22nd, while Building Official Ray Henriksen ensured placement of the time capsule within the wall cavity during the commemoration event.

Time Capsule 1

Time Capsule 2

Time Capsule 3

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