2020 Employee of the Year

2020 Employee of the Year
Mayor Bob Byrnes and City Administrator Sharon Hanson recently presented Community Services Officer Cliff Bahr with recognition as the city’s 2020 Employee of the Year. Officer Bahr was recognized with this honor during the city’s COVID-Modified Annual Employee Recognition Event held January 11, 2021.
Officer Bahr has been employed with the City of Marshall since 2002, first as a part-time Community Services Officer and later promoted to full-time Community Services Officer on June 27, 2011.
In a year of unprecedented year of change and challenge, Officer Bahr’s positive attitude and strong work ethic never wavered in 2020. His presence and work ethic helped create a positive work environment as well as encouraging others to have a positive attitude. In addition to managing the city’s Marshall Animal Impound, this past year, Officer Bahr assisted with pandemic mass testing clinics and various other events. “Officer Bahr has strong worth ethic, high professionalism and an eagerness to help others,” said City Administrator Hanson. “His performance has meant that his presence is often requested to ensure success with whatever event or task is at hand.”
Public Safety Director Jim Marshall credits Officer Bahr with completing all the “behind the scenes” tasks that few people know or will ever see. He is always willing to assist anyone who needs help. Director Marshall said of Officer Bahr, “He is a dependable and valued employee and has an especially treasured quality, he never complains no matter the assignment.”
Congratulations City of Marshall 2020 Employee of the Year-Community Services Officer Cliff Bahr.

Employee of the Year Cliff Bahr