The City of Marshall desires to retain the professional services of a qualified airport consulting firm (or team) for a five-year period to assist the Southwest Minnesota Regional Airport (MML) in the completion of airport projects included in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Projects undertaken will meet the requirements of all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and codes.

The required professional services includes architectural and engineering (preliminary, design, bidding, construction, and closeout phase), land acquisition, and other related special services to complete projects listed on the CIP.

Subject to receipt of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and MnDOT Aeronautics funding, the following CIP projects may be initiated within this consultant selection period:

• Acquire Land in the Runway Approach
• Wildlife Management Plan Update
• Acquire Snow Removal Equipment
• Design and Construct Dual Use ARFF and Maintenance Equipment Facility
• Design and Construct Corporate Hangar Facility
• Construct Hangar Site Taxilanes and T-Hangars
• Construct Parking Lot, Access Roads
• Install Airport Perimeter Fencing and Access Gates
• Install Airfield Lighting & Navigational Aids
• Rehabilitate Airfield Pavements
• Conduct Environmental Assessment to Extend Runway 2/20 and Taxiway B
• Construct Runway 2/20 and Taxiway B Extension
• Conduct Miscellaneous Studies for the Above Listed Projects

Projects are expected to follow all applicable requirements of FAA Advisory Circulars. All services must meet the current requirements for FAA funded projects. The work may be accomplished during the course of multiple grants and work orders.

To facilitate review, submissions should conform to the following format and include:

1. Experience of the Firm: Provide description of your firm’s prior experience and qualifications in airport architectural, engineering, and land acquisition projects similar in scope to the Southwest Minnesota Regional Airport.
2. Project Team: Identify proposed team members, responsibilities, background, and experience.
3. Project Approach: Describe your understanding and knowledge of the Airport and approach to projects listed on the CIP.
4. References: Provide name and contact information for at least three (3) references of similar size airports familiar with the quality of work by your firm.
5. Other Supporting Data: Include any other information you feel to be relevant to the selection of your firm.
The Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) shall be limited to 20 pages in length, excluding cover(s) and cover letter.

The following criteria will be used in screening, ranking and selecting the successful firm:

1. Qualification of the Firm and Key Personnel (20 points)
2. Demonstrated Understanding of Airport Needs (20 points)
3. Experience on Comparable Projects (20 points)
4. Ability to Provide Responsive Service to the Airport (20 points)
5. Experience with State and Federal Grant Programs and Requirements (20 points)
A qualification based selection process conforming to FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-14E will be utilized to select the most qualified firm. Fee information will not be considered in the selection process and must not be submitted with the SOQ.

The selection committee will review and rank the SOQ’s submitted based on the selection criteria. The City may directly select the most qualified firm or develop a short-list and conduct interviews.

The City intends to retain the selected firm for five years after the date of the initial contract for this procurement period. Fees will be negotiated as individual project contracts are initiated. Contracts are subject to Federal contract provisions found on the FAA’s website.

Interested firms must submit five (5) hard copies and digital PDF copy of the Statement of Qualifications no later than 3:00 p.m. on February 28, 2020 to:

City of Marshall
344 West Main Street
Marshall, MN 56258

Envelopes should be clearly marked as “Airport Consultant Statement of Qualifications”.

All questions regarding this RFQ should be directed to: Office of the Director of Public Works/City Engineer at 507-537-6773.