Project Name   Description   Map  
    pdfConstruction Update 03_13_2018      
Project Y62   TH 23/Saratoga Pedestrian Overpass   pdfProject Update #2  
Project Z31   Independence Park Pond Sediment Removal      
Project Z38   South 2nd Street Reconstruction Project   pdfBoundary Determination      pdfMap  
Project Z39   Minnesota DNR Parks and Trails Legacy Program Project No. L025-13-4B: Diversion Channel Bike Trail Project       
Project Z45   East Lyon Street / Jean Avenue / East Redwood Street / “B” Street Reconstruction Project    pdfProject Area Map (Z45)  
Project Z47   Commerce Industrial Park/Michigan Road Improvement Project    pdfProject Map (Z47)  
Project Z53/
MMU 429 & 436
  TH 59 Watermain Replacement Project (TH68 to Diversion Channel)    pdfProject Map (Z53)  
Z56/SAP139-129-002    North 7th Street Reconstruction Project (Fairview to CSAH 33)    pdfProject Map (Z56)  
Z59   Outlot A, Carr Estates Pond Sediment Removal & Improvement Project (Majestic Pond)      
Z60   Independence Park Parking Lot Project      
Z61   O'Connell Street Extension Project