Purpose and Need for Road Safety AuditFigure1In the last five years (January 1, 2002 through November 24, 2006), there have been 17 crashes at the Trunk Highway (TH) 23/County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 7 intersection. One of the crashes resulted in a fatality, and eleven of the crashes resulted in injuries. This intersection is located in the City of Marshall, Minnesota and in District 8 of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT). Figure 1 shos the study location.

Safety at the TH23/CSAH 7 intersection has been a concern of the City of Marshall, and a recent fatal crash involving a bicyclist at the intersection has renewed public concern about safety at this intersection. The City of Marshall has asked Mn/DOT to investigate what can be done to improve safety at the intersection. The City is also concerned that safety at this intersection could deteriorate further in the near future due to traffic generated by expected residential development on the north side of TH 23 in this area.

In response to the City of Marshall's request, Mn/DOT indicated that they would conduct a road safety audit (RSA) for the intersection. The objective of the RSA is to identify existing safety deficiencies and then suggest potential improvement measures. The potential improvement measures will need to be investigated and reviewed by District 8 staff in detail to determine which measures should be implemented, howthe improvements will be funded, and what the implementation schedule will be.

Mn/DOT, Lyon County, and the City of Marshall have been discussing potential improvements and access control along the TH 23 corridor. Currently, the long range plan for the TH 23/CSAH 7 intersection is to change this at-grade intersection to a grade-separated interchange. Though this interchange is in Mn/DOT's long range improvement plan, no funding has been identified for the improvement.