Speed Reduction Trailer Statistics

pdf2015 Hwy 23 travel West June 25 - July 2  
pdf2015 Hwy 23 travel West June 13 - 24  
pdf2015 Hwy 23 travel West June 2nd - 6th  
pdf2015 Hwy 23 travel West June 6th -7th  
pdf2015 Hwy 23 travel West June 7th - 13th  
pdf2015 Saratoga Street May 13 - 21  
pdf2014 Saratoga Street  
pdf2014 Jewett Street  
pdf2014 Hwy 59  
pdf2014 E Thomas  
pdf2014 E Main Street  
pdf2014 Saratoga Street   
pdf2013 Southview Drive
pdf2013 Kendall Street
pdf2014 Tiger Drive
pdf2014 Legion Field Road

The Marshall Area Crime Fund and Marshall Police Department are dependent upon you, the public, to help us accomplish our job.
In 2009, the Top 10 List was created and as of May 27, 2015 there have been 259 warrants cleared. Some people don’t want to appear on the TOP 10 List so they are choosing to take care of their warrants quickly. Thanks for your help in making people accountable for their actions.

Also, in 2009 FREE bike registrations and discounted locks were provided in the community. Statistics from the Marshall Police Department show that there has been a 50% reduction in theft of bikes since 2008. Furthermore, bikes without a registration label had a 98% chance of being taken and turned into the Police Department. For those bikes with a registration label it enables the Police Department to identify the owner faster. Some people don’t even know there bike was taken so the label helps to create a positive situation.

The Speed Reduction Trailer is available during spring, summer and fall. If you would like to request a specific location for this unit to be placed please contact the Marshall Police Department at

The Marshall Crime Prevention and Criminal Apprehension Fund was established to reward people who provide leads that result in the arrest of serious crimes and/or the recovery of valuable property. It also funds activities to promote safety, crime prevention and provides “buy money” used to purchase illegal drugs to remove them from our community. The Marshall Crime Prevention and Criminal Apprehension Fund relies on donations for support [tax status is 501(C)(3)]. A board of local community members oversees the Marshall Crime Fund including Robert Aufenthie, Charles Aufenthie, Lisa Zmeskal, Mike Henle, and Jodi Schreurs.

The Police Department appreciates the information and support that is provided from the public to keep Marshall a safe community. For additional information please contact Jim Marshall, Director of Public Safety, at the Marshall Police Department at 507-537-7000