March 11, 2019


Due to the high amounts of snow and impending rain and freeze-thaw conditions in the next couple of weeks, the City is continuing to remove snow curb-to-curb and having crews opening catch basins to allow snow melt and rain to drain away, where possible.

The City has some suggestions that may help in decreasing the impacts of localized flooding in your neighborhoods:

- Extend your downspouts further away from your foundation.

- Make sure that your sump pump discharges out to the street. Consider getting a back-up sump pump. Check your sump regularly to assure that is in good working condition.

- Sit down with your insurance agent and make sure that you understand exactly what your insurance covers and doesn’t cover.

- Do not store things on the floor in your basement. Install shelves, etc. Put essential appliances up on cinder blocks.

- Store items in basement in plastic totes.

- Consider investing in and installing a sewer knife valve. This will allow sewage out of your home but not backup from the sewer mains. Contact your plumber for a method to install the valve for your particular situation.

- Install a water alarm in your sump pit in the event your sump pump fails.

For ponding/localized flooding issues or if you have any questions,
please call the numbers below:
Public Works Department: 507-537-6773 (normal business hours – 8:00am-4:30pm)
Police Department: 507-537-7000 (outside normal business hours)

Thank you for your cooperation.