February 15, 2019

There have been complaints concerning snow removal from private property, specifically concerning moving the snow from private property onto the street and boulevard adjacent to other’s property or onto City property.

In accordance with Sec. 62-2 of the City Code of Ordinances, you are not allowed to remove snow from private property and place the snow on a public street (including the boulevard) or other City property, without adequate arrangements for the immediate removal of the snow.

Any snow from the owner’s private property that is deposited on the street, boulevard or other City property must be removed and placed onto the owner’s private property or hauled away to a private disposal site. If it is not removed, the City will have the snow removed and bill the owner for the removal and administration costs.

We understand the problems associated with the excessive amount of snow we have received this winter and the timing of the snow falls, but it is an issue we have to deal with.

Thank you for your cooperation and compliance.