The City of Marshall would like to remind you of several issues related to the use of the City Compost and Tree Disposal Site. The City intends to eliminate the need to periodically burn branches and other debris at the disposal site.

The City will be strictly enforcing the rules for depositing refuse at the Compost and Tree Disposal Site. The items prohibited from being deposited at the site include the following:

-          No Tree Butts or Stumps.

-          No Garbage, Trash or other Household Items.

-          No Plastic Bags or other Non-Biodegradable Containers.

-          No Lumber, Pallets, Wood Furniture, or other Construction Materials.

Garden Waste Will be Allowed!

Please dispose of prohibited items as directed by signage on site. Violations are a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $1,000.    

Please contact the Public Works Department at 507-537-6773 for more information on use City Compost and Tree Disposal Site or to report a violation of the site rules.