The City of Marshall currently does not have any Small Cities development funds available. They will be reapplying for another Small Cities grant in the fall of 2017.

The goal of the SCDP is to develop viable, eligible communities and provide a suitable living environments by expanding economic opportunities that principally benefit low to moderate income households. This is accomplished by providing financial assistance to address the need for decent, safe, affordable housing, economic development and adequate public facilities.

Housing Grants - Funds are granted to local units of government, which, in turn, lend funds for the purpose of rehabilitating local housing stock. Loans may be used for owner-occupied, rental, single-family or multiple-family housing rehabilitation. Loan agreements may allow for deferred payments or immediate monthly payments. Interest rates may vary, and loan repayments are retained by grantees for the purpose of making additional rehabilitation loans. In all cases, housing funds must benefit low- and moderate-income persons.

The project must meet one of three federal objectives:

1. Benefit low-to moderate-income people.

2. Eliminate slum and blight conditions.

3. Eliminate an urgent threat to public safety.

Funds from the Small Cities Development Program can be used to address the following activities:
• Housing Rehabilitation. This includes owner-occupied, single family, rental/multi-family units, and conversion
• Commercial Rehabilitation
• Public Facility Improvements: (i.e., water systems, sewer systems, drainage facility construction or improvements, etc.)
• Community Center/Facility
• Streetscape
• Public Aesthetic Amenities
• Assessment Abatement (restricted to households at 50% or lower of county median only)
• Acquisition/Rehabilitation (generally associated with disaster recovery activities)
• Acquisition/Demolition (generally associated with disaster recovery activities)
• Relocation (generally associated with disaster recovery activities)
• Other (see SCDP A-Z Guide and consult with SCDP before considering)

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