The vision of Marshall’s citizenry includes:

  • 2012 05 01 City Bike Trail Map
    thumb a-pedestrian-and-bikeway-plan-10-2008-1
    pdf A Pedestrian and Bikeway Map
    MN Bicycling Handbook
    Designated multi-use bike/pedestrian routes that are safe and efficient in connecting scenic, cultural, educational, health care, workplace, retail, and service destinations;
  • Streets, roads, highways, and trails that encourage biking and walking as a transportation alternative for the well-being of our residents, for leisure, and for tourism;
  • Community destinations that are linked by pedestrian/bicycle routes;
  • Secure and convenient community facilities and accommodations such as bike racks that encourage walking and biking;
  • Non-resident daily commuters who are knowledgeable about the city’s pedestrian and bicycle corridors and educated in pedestrian and bicycling safety;
  • Opportunities for visitors to enjoy Marshall’s natural beauty on trails, roads, and highways that are designed for bicycle/pedestrian travel; and
  • A Bikeway/Walkway Facility Improvement Program to enhance bicycle/pedestrian safety and encourage alternative transportation modes.

thumb proposed-trails pdfProposed Trails thumb trail-crossings pdfTrail Crossings
thumb channel-park-gardens pdfChannel Park Gardens thumb trail-sections pdfTrail Sections
thumb college-trails pdfCollege Trails thumb trails-quad-1 pdfTrails Quad 1
thumb downtown-loop pdfDowntown Loop thumb trails-quad-2 pdfTrails Quad 2
thumb downtown-trailhead pdfDowntown-Trailhead thumb trails-quad-3 pdfTrails Quad 3
thumb great-diversion-park pdfGreat Division Park thumb trails-quad-4 pdfTrails Quad 4
thumb justice-park-trailhead pdfJustice Park Trailhead