Alcohol Licenses:

 The Intoxicating Liquor License Application includes the following:

Additional Alcohol Licenses

Supporting Documents and Forms

Animal Licenses:
Dog and Cat are available in person at City Hall, Marshall Animal Clinic or Evans Family Pet Care.
Licenses are issued on a per year basis with current vet records. 

Minnesota Lawful Gambling Permit
pdfLG220 Application for Exempt Permit

Refuse Haulers License:

Special Event Permit:

Special Vehicle Permit

"Sec.74-261. Operation of motorized golf cart, all-terrain vehicles, or mini-trucks. No person shall operate a motorized golf cart, class 1 all-terrain vehicle, or mini-truck on streets, alleys, sidewalks or other public property within the city."

Taxi Cab License:

Tobacco License:

Transient Merchant/Peddlers/Solicitors License:

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