1. How do I as a landlord obtain a license to rent an apartment or room in the City of Marshall?
    At this time, Marshall does not require a license.
  2. What can I do about a loud party my neighbor is having?
    Section 42-94. Loud and noisy gatherings. Party or gathering. The words party or gathering for the purpose of this section shall mean three or more persons present in either an indoor or outdoor setting, which is either private or open to the public. Call and report to the Police Department at 507-537-7000.

News & Notices

  • Preston Stensrud Awarded City of Marshall 2019 Employee of the Year +

    Preston Stensrud

    City Administrator Sharon Hanson announced that Parks Superintendent Preston Stensrud has been named City of Marshall Employee of the Year.

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  • City Hall Renovation Project History and Future +

    City Hall Renovation Project History and Future

    Submitted by Sharon Hanson, Marshall City Administrator

    Soon, the City Hall Renovation Project

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  • Commit to be Counted +

    Commit to be Counted

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