Animal Impound

Animal Impound
Animal Impound Center Building

Animals collected as strays are housed in the City of Marshall Animal Impound.  Found animals are impounded pending owner reclaim or being adopted.

Most animals picked up in the City of Marshall are reclaimed by their owner or are feral cats. If your pet is lost or missing, contact the Marshall Police Department at 507-537-7000.

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Animal Impound Center
800 Kossuth Avenue
Marshall, MN 56258
Marshall Police Department (MPD) at 507-537-7000.
Please leave a message at the Center or the MPD.

Notify Marshall Police Department when you discover your pet is missing. Be prepared to give a description that will help officers identify an animal as your pet, such as: 

  • Name, Age and Sex
  • Breed or Mixed Breeds
  • Colors, Patterns or Special Markings
  • Collar and Tag Information

The City of Marshall has a micro-chip reader. This tool is a recognized way of identifying animals in the pet industry. Unexpected separation of pet and owner can be difficult for all. Micro-chipping is an accepted tool used by shelters, impounds and Humane Societies to determine ownership. If your pet is impounded it will be checked for a chip. This does not replace the need for city licensing but is another assurance of being able to find your pet should it become lost.

Animal Impound Documents