Driving Simulator:  The driving simulator is a three-screen display with 1024×786 resolution that allows participants to practice being involved in driving situations/scenarios. The simulator will judge reaction time as well as provide an environment to practice multi-tasking while driving, for example, in a police squad car.  The simulator allows public safety, CDL and other drivers to become familiar with these situations in a safe environment.


Firearms Simulator:  The firearms simulator is an interactive use of force and firearms simulation system that combines the latest technologies with unique, situation-based scenarios, ensuring the best training experience possible.  The system has a variety of force options available from Taser to baton to commonly used firearms with 500+ scenario options that are also customizable.  The simulator allows participants to train in situations that are real-life, but in a safe environment.


The facility simulators can be reserved for a half day or a full day.

   Half    Full 
Public Safety:   $35/prop   $35/prop
Government/Non-profit:   $35/prop  $35/prop
Business:  $50/prop  $50/prop