Ethanol Prop

Ethanol Prop
The Ethanol prop simulates a low-pressure rail car and semi tanker that simulates leaks and hazardous spills.  The prop swivels to either side to simulate an actual spill.  It has a plate that can be tapped to simulate off-loading product after a spill during training.

The ethanol training simulator is designed for training response personnel in rail car and roadway tanker hazmat emergencies.

The prop allows multiple simulations including a chlorine rail car dome leak, gasoline tanker dome leak, plus bonding and grounding simulation. The prop is also able to rotate to simulate a roll-over scenario simulation.

The portable burn pan will allow actual fuel to be ignited and burned which will allow foam and/or water application for fire extinguishment.


The Ethanol prop can be reserved for a half day or a full day.

   Half    Full 
Public Safety:   $35/prop   $35/prop
Government/Non-profit:   $35/prop  $35/prop
Business:  $50/prop  $50/prop