The “Adopt-a-Park” program is a fun way for individuals, families, groups, schools, businesses, organizations, etc. to give back to their community. “Adopt-a-Park” is a public service program that encourages volunteers to make a personal contribution to their community through maintaining the quality of Marshall’s parks by keeping them free of litter and reporting vandalism or safety hazards.

These “Adopt-a-Park” volunteers will ensure that the aesthetics of each park are not hindered by litter or other unsightly things. Litter is not only unattractive, but it can pose dangers to its environment; birds and animals may eat the litter, and litter can end up in our ponds, rivers, and city waterways. Volunteers will be an extra set of eyes to bring park concerns or reports of hazardous items to Park Department staff. This program is a great way for community members to be involved and feel a sense of community pride while they are enjoying the outdoors and helping keep it clean.

“Adopt-a-Park” volunteers will be responsible for a one-year commitment. Under the park of their choosing, they will be responsible for cleaning their adopted park once a month between April and October. “Adoptees” will be recognized for their commitment to cleanliness through “Adopt-a-Park” signage designated at the adopted park in addition to recognition on City of Marshall social media.

Marshall Parks available for “adoption”:

- Justice Park (North 7th Street)
- Freedom Park (South 2nd Street)
- Memorial Park (East College Drive)
- Independence Park (East Lyon Street)
- Patriot Park (Windstar Street)
- Legion Field (West College Drive)
- Liberty Park (East College Drive)
- Allegiance Park (Dublin Street)
- Victory Park (Highway 23)
- Archery Park (Erie Road)
- Loyalty (Dog) Park (111 A Street)
- Softball Complex (Channel Parkway)
- Sports Complex (Tiger Drive)

Volunteers will:
- Clean up trash and small branches from all grassed areas and most used areas in the park
- Notify city when clean up event will take place so trash bags can be picked up by city post event
- Have along work gloves and first aid kit during clean up
- Not remove heavy or hazardous items that may cause injury and notify city of such items

City will:
- Provide trash bags that have been requested by the individual or group before event
- Pick up trash bags post clean up event
- Follow up on reports of heavy or hazardous items, damage, vandalism, etc.

The city can help you decide on a park if you are unsure which one you or your group would like to adopt.

If you are interested in learning more about “Adopt-a-Park” you can call the Parks Department at 537-6786 or email the Parks Superintendent at

To register for the Adopt-a-Park program, fill out the form below and return to City Hall or email to Preston Stensrud. If you would like to renew your “Adopt-a-Park” commitment or would like to change your adopted park, please call or email the Parks Department at the information listed above.

2021-05-05-Adopt A Park - Adult Community Center
Adopt A Park - Catholic 'Stangs
Adopt A Park - HRS