9/11 Memorial Park Dedication

9/11 Memorial Park Dedication
Memorial_ParkAfter years of planning, the Marshall Fire Department dedicated its World Trade Center beam in Marshall's Memorial Park on 9/11/11. Marshall's Fire Chief Marc Klaith is proud of the community to "Celebrate the American Spirit" on this important anniversary. "I'm overwhelmed by the community support we have been blessed with. This signifies the strength of this community and this country." A Morning Prayer service for our true heroes-firefighters, public safety personnel and our military took place at 7:30am at the park. The rest of the morning recognized the events of that day and the lives lost. Click Here to view the Designer's Inspiration & Vision.

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9/11 Groundbreaking CeremonyCity officials and community members young and old gathered for a group photo at the site of Marshall's Downtown Memorial Park, which is scheduled to open on the 10-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. They had a groundbreaking ceremony on May 6, 2011.


Craig Schafer, Marc Klaith, andHarry Weilage

Mayor Robert Byrnes

Groundbreaking Ceremony

People gather for the Groundbreaking Ceremony

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9/11 Memorial Park will commemorate one of the most significant events in our nation's history. The Marshall Fire Department acquired a beam from the rubble of the World Trade Center in New York City. This inspiring memorial will celebrate our nation's capacity to survive and overcome adversity and at the same time symbolize the renewal and resolve of a nation which came together that fateful day. The 9/11 Memorial will be the focus and a gathering place for our revitalized downtown and will honor the public safety personnel who sacrificed their lives in an effort to save others.

Welcome to an exciting opportunity to be involved in the community of Marshall and to be part of the history of our city. The Marshall Fire Department, along with MAFAC, Lyon County Historical Society and the Marshall Rotary Clubs are asking for your support in funding four different projects to enhance our downtown area. The projects include: Memorial Park Project, the Marshall Mural Project, the Whitney Statue Corner and the continued work of the Marshall Rotary Clubs in their community projects.

Our community has been supportive in the downtown district renovations. These four projects are important to Marshall because they have all had an effect on this community over the years in making the downtown area more appealing. Please contact Marshall Community Services at 507-537-6767 if you are interested in donating to help fund the 9/11 Memorial or Click Here to download a form.