Rental Policies

Rental Policies



MAC evening rentals are from 7:30 - 9:00 PM on Tuesday or Friday evenings. For 2023 season, pool renting period starts June 6th and ends August 11th (No rentals on July 4th). Rental Requests are NOT excepted after August 1st.

Rental Requests MUST be made at least two weeks in advance. Renters must contact Marshall Community Services (507) 537-6767 to request a pool rental. 

If you decide to reschedule your rental, it must be rescheduled around the current rental schedule. We cannot move other rentals in the schedule even if they book their rental after you. This INCLUDES rentals that have to be rescheduled because of weather and other problems.

Pool availability may be found here: MAC Online Calendar


Rental payments will be taken at the MAC front desk before the rental. We accept card, cash, and check. You can arrive early to pay for the rental and set up, but no guest will be allowed on the pool deck until the scheduled start time.


If there is inclement weather before your rental, MAC staff will reach out the day of the pool rental to reschedule. If you would like to reschedule any time before that, please email the MAC Manager.

If there is inclement weather during your rental, all guests will be asked to leave the pool area, and you will reschedule the rental at the front desk. NOTE: If there is inclement weather after 8:30, we will NOT reschedule the rental.

If you have any concerns about weather on your rental date, please reach out to the MAC Manager.


No season passes or daily passes are required for your rental. However, if you plan to swim before your rental (during open swim), you will be required to have a season or daily pass for entry.

Pool Staff do NOT regulate who is admitted during the pool rental, so please be aware of who enters during your rental. You may bring a list of guests for the rental, and pool staff will regulate who comes in based on that list. Sign in sheets and group leaders may also be at the front desk to check participants in.

The amount of lifeguards present is based on how many people will be attending. If there are large changes in the amount of people attending your rental, please let the MAC Manager know as soon as possible.

Lifejackets, Inflatables and Floaties

Our lifejacket policy does apply at rentals; you can reference it on the MAC website. Additionally, inflatables that are not hazardous are also allowed (including noodles). Aquatics management has the RIGHT TO REMOVE any inflatables or objects that are deemed hazardous. NO inflatables are allowed on the water slide or in the diving well.

Even though lifeguards are on duty during rentals, parents and guardians should be in the pool with any child who is a non or inexperienced swimmer. DO NOT leave children unattended.

Pool Toys

You may bring your own pool toys to use during the rental. However, NO toys are allowed in the diving well and on the water slide. MAC toys are available during rentals that include the wading pool. MAC toys are to remain in the wading pool area at all times.


When arriving at your rental, you can specify a certain genre of music or radio station for the pool staff to play. This music MUST be appropriate for all people at the party (including staff). Marshall Aquatics Management has the right to change the music or radio station if deemed inappropriate.

Food & Drinks

NO food or drinks (except water) are allowed on the pool deck during a rental. This INCLUDES coolers. If you are planning on bringing snacks, treats, or drinks, it MUST remain at the concession’s patio. Pool Staff can also hold on to treats and snacks at the front desk if you plan on swimming first. We also have freezers for ice cream if you choose to bring it.

If you request, pool staff can keep the concession stand open during your rental. However, pool staff may close the stand early if there is insufficient sales.

Please help keep the pool area clean. Throw all trash away and clean up any spills or messes. Pool Staff has cleaning supplies and can assist if needed.

ALCOHOL, CIGARETTES, OR OTHER ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES are NOT allowed in the pool area (including the concessions patio and parking lot). Violators of this policy will be given one warning. However, if it continues, they are asked to leave immediately and will not be allowed back in.

Pool Health and Safety Regulations

All pool rules and policies must be followed during your rental. Please review them on the MAC website if you do not regularly come to the pool.