Building Services Permits

Building Services Permits
Instructions for BUILDING SERVICES Permit Application1. An application form must be filled out. For each permit type, our website provides two versions: PDF and electronic. Completed application(s) must be submitted online or delivered/mailed to the Engineering Department - City of Marshall, 344 West Main Street, Marshall, MN 56258.

2. This application application form starts an application process to obtain a building or plumbing permit. Please provide all information requested on the form that pertains to your project. Incomplete applications may result in requests for additional information and delayed permits.

3. Only the property owner or contractor may fill out an application form (a sign permit is an exception - a tenant may also apply for its own sign installation). If you are not one of the above, please obtain an authorization from the legal property owner and attach to the paper application. If you are the owner and applying for work to be done on one, two, three, and four family residences, please print and sign an “Property Owner Waiver Form” and attach it to your application; please note that as an applicant you will be responsible for Code compliance and calls for required inspections.  

4. If the work is done by a contractor, please provide contractor’s information. For all work done on one, two, three, and four family residences, a contractor must be licensed by the State of Minnesota. All plumbers must be also licensed by the State of Minnesota. You can verify all licenses through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry website

5. By State law, the project valuation shall include both labor and material costs even if the owner does the work without contractors. If you are the owner and do not know how to estimate your labor costs, please add 80% to the cost of material for project valuation value. 

6. All plumbing work requires a separate plumbing permit. If you wish, you may include plumbing work valuation as a part of the building permit valuation and enter zero as a plumbing permit valuation. 

7. The application process does require payment of building permit fee, at the time of application. Plan review fee is required for all commercial projects except demolition and exterior remodeling projects. For residential construction, only new one- and two-family residences are charged plan review fee. We will contact you after we receive your completed application with the dollar amount to pay the applicable building permit fee. If an e-mail is provided on your application, you will receive an e-mail notification; if not, we will make one attempt to contact you over the phone and will leave a message. For that reason, providing full contact information is vital for the entire process to work. Please pay that promptly so the review process may proceed. 

8. After we send this notification to you, it is your responsibility to deliver your payment to the City. You can drop it off, mail it in or call and pay over the phone with your credit card. As soon as your payment is received, we will process the building permit and mail it to you along with the display copy and inspection form. Please note that the City is not responsible for the lost or undelivered mail so please take this into consideration when mailing your application or payment. 

9. After we receive your completed application, we will perform the pre-inspection and plan review (if applicable). Please note that your building permit is not approved at that time as the State Building Code prohibits the City from issuing building permits until after the building permit fee is collected. The work cannot start until your building permit is approved and issued or an investigation fee will be charged when the work is started without a building permit.

10. New construction may often require additional permits. Excavation, driveway, and sanitary sewer permit applications are available. However, unlike for building and plumbing permits, the fees for these permits are due at the time of application. You may pay these fees on-line at the time of filling out an electronic application form or submit your payment to the city along with the paper copy of your application.

11. Your project review cannot be completed without proper supporting documentation and construction documents in most cases. New buildings and additions always need drawings. Decks and interior remodeling need some drawings in most cases. Exterior remodeling including reroofing, residing, or door/window replacement usually do not need drawings.

12. Furnace replacement requires a building permit; water heater replacement requires a plumbing permit. Both require supporting documentation. 

13. All sign permits require supporting information. If you want to apply for a permit to erect or revise a sign, please use a sign permit application rather than a building permit. Signs installed at the time of construction will still require a separate sign permit.