Income Support

Income Support

Local Multi-Service ProvidersThe Salvation Army
The Salvation Army serves every county in Southwestern Minnesota and may be able to help with: Utilities, Food, Housing, Clothing, Transportation, Back-to-School Assistance, and other emergency needs.
Contact Service Representative, Kim: 507-326-5017

United Community Action Partnership (UCAP)
UCAP empowers people in need by offering a wide variety of services (listed here). Their language assistance plan allows them to help anyone in need of their services.
Located at 1400 Saratoga Street, Marshall, MN
Phone: 507-537-1416
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Southwest Health and Human Services (SWHHS)
SWHHS is a multi-county agency committed to strengthening individuals, families, and communities by providing quality services in a respectful, caring, and cost-effective manner. SWHHS offers an extensive variety of departments and services, including: Financial assistance, Licensing, Public Health, Social Services, and Child Support. 
Located in the Joint Law Enforcement Center at 607 West Main Street, Marshall, MN
Phone: 507-537-6713

Housing & UtilitiesPublic Housing Commission of Marshall
Affordable housing options centered on income eligibility

Emergency Shelter of United Community Action Partnership
Located at 1400 South Saratoga Street, Marshall, MN
Phone: 507-537-1416

HeatShare Program
This program provides emergency utility assistance for people in need.

This program was created to help Minnesotan's who have fallen behind on their rent or fear that  could happen. 

Senior Housing for Low-Income Residents
This article provides useful information about housing for low-income seniors. It goes into detail about how you may qualify for low-income housing and how you can find an affordable home in your area. 

Food ResourcesKitchen Table Food Shelf - Marshall
Located at 400 West Main Street, Marshall, MN
Phone: 507-537-1416
Hours: Monday: 12:30p.m. - 6:30p.m., Wednesday: 9:30a.m. - 4:30p.m., Friday: 12:30p.m. - 3:30p.m.
*An income based, grocery store style food shelf

Esther's Kitchen
Located in Christ United Presbyterian Church at 400 West Lyon Street, Marshall, MN
Phone: 605-237-0842
Meals Served: Monday-Thursday: 5:30p.m. - 6:30p.m. (social time at 5p.m.)
*A free meal open to everyone

Ruby's Pantry
Located in the Marshall Armory at 500 Timmerman Drive, Marshall, MN
Operates on the first Thursday of the month from 4p.m. - 6p.m.
*Bring $20 cash and boxes to carry large quantity of food; no eligibility requirements

Marshall Food 4 Kids
Marshall Food4Kids offers a supply of nutritious snacks and meals for children over their weekends and extended breaks, free of charge. The program is open to all students in grades K-8.  Brochure    Learn about the program and its origin     Sign Up Form

Mustang Market
It can be challenging to do your best in class if you have trouble meeting basic needs like safe shelter, sleep, and nutrition. If you have difficulties affording groceries, toiletries, etc., the Mustang Market is here to support all SMSU students. 
Click here to view Flyer             Click here to learn more about the Mustang Market

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps, helps Minnesotans with low incomes get the food they need for nutritious and well-balanced meals. 
For information on the program, eligibility requirements, benefits and how to apply, click here.  To apply with help from a specialist, click here

Transportation ServicesMarshall Community Transit Bus Services
Fare Rates
Dial-A-Ride Service of Marshall
Phone: 507-537-7628
Hours: Monday-Friday: 5:45a.m. - 9p.m., Saturday: 8:30a.m. - 12:30p.m., Sunday: 8:30a.m. - 12:30p.m.
Marshall Red Route Departure Times and Route
Marshall Blue Route Departure Times and Route
Tracy, Balaton & Marshall Purple Route
Redwood Falls Green Route Departure Times and Route

Marshall Taxi
Located at 301 West College Drive, Marshall, MN
Phone: 507-829-3055

Southwest Minnesota Taxi
Located at 109 5th Street South, Suite 350, Marshall, MN
Phone: 507-401-0694
Hours: Monday-Friday 5a.m. - 8p.m., Saturday & Sunday: 6a.m. - 8p.m.

Computer & Internet AccessMarshall-Lyon County Public Library
Located at 201 C. Street, Marshall, MN
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10a.m. - 8p.m., Friday: 10a.m. - 6p.m., Saturday: 10a.m. - 5p.m., Sunday: Closed

Career Force Office
Located in the Lyon County Government Center at 607 West Main Street, Marshall, MN
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Financial Assistance'Economic Assistance' Minnesota Department of Human Services
Economic support for qualifying individuals to assist them as they go to work, look, for work, attend school, or are unable to work 

The General Assistance (GA) Program
The GA Program helps people without children pay for basic needs. It provides money to people who can't work enough to support themselves, and whose income and resources are very low. For information on the program, eligibility requirements, benefits and how to apply, click here.  Brochure here

Medical Assistance (MA)
MA is Minnesota's Medicaid program for people with low income. For information on the program, eligibility requirements, benefits and how to apply, click here

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