English Learners

English Learners
Local Services & ProgramsSouthwest Adult Basic Education
     Southwest Adult Basic Education provides adults with educational opportunities to acquire and improve their literacy skills necessary to be self-sufficient and to participate as productive workers, family members, and citizens. Southwest ABE prioritizes the goal of assisting students in obtaining meaningful employment. 
Located at 1501 State Street, Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall MN, Social Science Room 118 
Phone: 507-537-7046

Marshall Public Schools
English Learner Program
     The English Learner Department's goal is to provide English Learners with the skills necessary for success in school and the real world through Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking instruction. 

Parent Student Connectors Marshall Public Schools
Jesus Reyes (Spanish) 
   Daniella Solis (Spanish)
Faduma Ali (Somali)

Hsa Mu (Karen)

Statewide ServicesMinnesota Department of Education

Literacy Minnesota