Connect with the Commission

Connect with the Commission
Commission Purpose
The Commission seeks to support and advance the City of Marshall's mission, vision and values by providing guidance for the development and implementation of proactive diversity, access, inclusion, research, and retention initiatives. The Commission serves to promote an environment where people come first, and are not only treated with dignity and respect, but also encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential. The Commission will collaborate with community partners on matters associated with equity and inclusion to foster relationships and advocate for underrepresented populations. 

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Commission Members                                 
At Large Positions:  Standing Positions: 
Don Robertson See Moua-Leske, Adult Basic Education
George Taylor Timothy Mok, Avera Marshall
Jefferson Lee IV Denae Winter, Avera Marshall
Michele Knife Sterner Lauren Mellenthin, Prairie Home Hospice
Sara Runchey Nicole Johnson-DeBoer, Southwest Minnesota Arts Council
Joyce Tofte Ted Stamp, Southwestern Center for Independent Living
Marcy Heemeyer Samira Sheikh, United Community Action Partnership
Monica Talamantes  Beth Ritter, Marshall Public Schools 
  Kumura Jayasuriya, Southwest Minnesota State University 

Meeting MinutesClick here to view updated meeting information. 

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month from 3-4p.m..