Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
Local OrganizationsThe M.O.R.E. Network
MORE stands for Mustangs Overcoming Racism through Education. MORE is a collaborative effort to break down barriers through education and conversation in the Marshall community.

SMSU's African Student Association

SMSU's Black Student Union

SMSU's Club Latinx

SMSU's Hmong Student Organization

SMSU's International Student Organization

SMSU's Muslim Student Organization

Marshall High School's Cultures United Club
The Cultures United Club is a diverse student group that focuses on building youth leadership, getting involved in the community, and representing all cultures.

Statewide Services & ResourcesPage Education Foundation
     This foundation works to support and inspire young people of color throughout Minnesota to pursue post-secondary education. Their programs help to financially support college students' academic goals while fostering positive mentor relationships and encouraging role models for children. 
Phone: 612-332-0406

Somali Community Resettlement Services (SCRS)
     SCRS was formed to directly respond to the needs of Somali refugees and immigrants, so they can thrive and lead successful lives. The organization offers a large variety of services with the goals of strengthening capacity, creating self-sufficiency, and developing and preserving culture, as well as contributing to the society. 
Phone: 612-353-8360

Karen Organization of Minnesota
     The Karen Organization of Minnesota is the first social services agency in the country founded by Karen refugees from Burma. They offer a variety of programs and resources to help refugees transition to a new life in a new country and achieve their goals. 
Phone: 651-788-7593
The Sahan Journal
     The Sahan Journal is dedicated to providing authentic news for and with immigrant communities and communities of color in Minnesota. Their goal is to bring the stories of people of color and immigrants to the mainstream. 

'Your Civil Rights' Minnesota Department of Human Services
The Minnesota Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination in business, credit, education, employment, housing, public accommodations, and public services.