1. Can I have a fire pit within city limits?
    Fire Code requires that all recreational fires are located at least 25 feet from the buildings, structures, or combustible materials. They shall be constantly attended and a fire extinguisher shall be nearby. Only wood can be burnt and a pile cannot be more than 3 feet in diameter. Smoke and odors shall not become a nuisance for adjacent properties.

  2. What businesses or events need City permits or licenses?
    Section 22-Business Licenses.
    Call City Building Official at 507-537-6773.

  3. What do I need a building permit for?
    Section 18-Buildings and Building Regulations.
    Call City Building Official at 507-537-6773.

  4. My neighbor has a pile of junk, garbage and a junk car in their yard? What can be done about this?
    Section 42-2. Junk cars, furniture, household furnishings and appliances stored on public or private property. It is unlawful to park or store any unlicensed, unregistered or abandoned vehicle, furniture, household furnishings or appliances, or parts of components thereof, on any property public or private, unless housed within a building, and any violation is hereby declared to be a nuisance.

  5. How do I locate my property line?
    Most developers (now or even 50 years ago) will have driven steel pins in to the ground at the corners of the lot. Rent or purchase a metal detector and scan it over the edges/corners of the lot. Otherwise, you can contact an independent land surveyor. Call Buetel-Moseng at 507-532-9043.