1. How do I reserve a shelter in Marshall’s Parks? Is there a fee? May we have alcohol in the parks? How about tobacco?
    Shelters in the City of Marshall parks can be reserved by calling Marshall Community Services at 507-537-6767. Shelter reservations are made in two time blocks: 10:00am-5:00pm or 5:00pm-10:00pm. For Marshall residents, the fee to reserve a shelter is $25 for one time block. There is also a $25 refundable deposit. For non-residents, the fee and deposit amounts are $30. The Liberty Park bandshell can be reserved with a $150 payment and $50 refundable deposit. Alcohol is allowed in the parks with an additional deposit – glass bottles are not allowed. Tobacco is not allowed in the City of Marshall parks.

  2. Does Marshall have overnight camping anywhere?
    The City of Marshall does not allow any overnight camping in the parks. Arrangements can be made with Garvin County Park (507-629-4081) or Camden State Park (507-865- 4530).

  3. What time do the parks close? Is there a noise ordinance in Marshall’s parks?
    The parks close at 10:30pm. In regards to noise, we ask that all park patrons be considerate of other park users and the residents living near the parks.

  4. How do I sign up for summer programs?
    To register for Marshall Community Services summer (or any other season) programs, interested participants should contact Marshall Community Services at 507-537-6767 or in person at 344 West Main Street. Registration is also accepted online at www.ci.marshall.mn.us

  5. Is it required to reserve ball fields for practice or usage?
    Includes: baseball, softball, football, soccer, etc. It is not required to reserve the ball fields; however during peak times (especially at the beginning of the adult summer softball league), it is recommended to reserve the fields. Fields can be reserved by calling Marshall Community Services at 507-537-6767.

  6. How do I find out if a MCS program, activity, special event or the Marshall Aquatic Center is cancelled, postponed or closed?
    All cancellations of Marshall Community Services programs will be announced by the local radio stations – 99.7 KKCK-FM, 105.1 KARL-FM, 107.5 KARZ-FM or 1400 KMHL-AM. Cancellations can also be viewed at www.marshallradio.net.

  7. At what air temperature (too cold) does the MAC close?
    During inclement weather or if the temperature drops below 65 degrees, the Marshall Aquatic Center will close.

  8. Where do I find out more information about Marshall’s bike trails or a map?
    Information regarding the bike trails and maps are available at www.marshallmn.com or at the Marshall Community Services office (344 West Main Street).

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