1. When do I need a building permit?
    City Ordinance says that a permit is required by anyone who intends to construct, enlarge, alter repair, move, demolish, or change use of a structure, building or a portion of a building with very few exceptions. Plumbing work requires a separate permit.

  2. How can I find out if my building project requires a building permit?
    The Building Inspection and Zoning Department is happy to respond to all your questions regarding permits, construction, and placement on the property. Call them at 507-537-6773 between 8:00AM and 5:00PM weekdays or leave a message anytime.

  3. Where can I apply for a building permit?
    Applications for a building permit may be made at the Public Works Department, second floor of the Municipal Building located at 344 West Main Street. You will need your contractor’s name, address, phone number, and license number although the best way is to ask your contractor to apply for a building permit himself: in this case he is responsible for all code related issues. However, you can be your own contractor on the dwelling you live in. A fee charged for the application is based on the project valuation, which is the cost of materials and labor for the project even if you do the work yourself. Please apply as early as possible before you intend to start the project so we can resolve any issues. Please remember that an application for building permit does not become an actual building permit until a Building Official signs it after review and you cannot start a project until you receive a signed building permit and a colored copy for window display. This may take several days depending on the project extent.

  4. What else do I need to get my building permit?
    All applications shall be accompanied by construction documents or minimal information describing the project. All interior remodeling projects shall include a dimensioned layout of the remodeled space. All projects involving new buildings, structures, or additions, including decks, shall include dimensioned building plans, exterior elevations, and section showing materials and framing. All reroofing projects need information on roof type and roof slope and attic ventilation information. And finally window and door replacement projects shall include information on type, material, and U-value of doors and windows installed in heated spaces along with size and location of egress windows. You can also make an appointment to review your project on site or in the City Hall office to resolve all questions and issues in advance.

  5. Do I need to have my work inspected?
    All work shall be inspected regularly and at the completion of the project. At our first visit we will drop off inspection card which will list all required inspections. City of Marshall building inspectors are trying to visit and inspect all projects regularly; however, calls for required inspections are contractors’ and/or owners’ responsibility. It is a duty of the permit applicant to make sure that work remains accessible and exposed for inspection purposes and to notify building inspectors on time about readiness for inspection. Please make appropriate plans and let us know at least 24 hours in advance of a required inspection.

  6. Why do we need Building Code?
    Life safety is the primary concern. Building codes also provide a minimum standard for construction to protect future owners and the value of the property and to keep insurance rates reasonable. In addition, building codes ensure energy conservation and healthy environment.

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